Brain Box Club

For families in Sandy and surrounding areas.

Sign up for a Brain Box for 2022! Free to all children ages 0-4

Hi, if you have a child age 0-4 and live in the Oregon Trail school district (Sandy, Boring, Welches etc.) please sign up for a Brain Box. They are FREE. Each box contains, toys, age appropriate activities, school ready activities, craft supplies, books, resources.

Use the QR code or click on the link provided. Please fill out a registration form for each child.

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Examples of items that might be in a brain box.

Childrens Day in Estacada this Saturday Aug. 20th 9-11:30am

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Dolly Parton's Imagination Library

What is Imagination Library?

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library provides specially-selected, age-appropriate, high-quality books for children from birth to age five. Books are delivered to your home each month in a package addressed to the child receiving it. This program is free of charge to participating families, and is funded and maintained locally by Oregon Trail Education Foundation. Dolly Parton began the Imagination Library in 1995 in Sevier County, Tennessee, as a book gifting program to benefit children in her home county. It has grown to offer programs throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Canada and Australia. Visit the Imagination Library web site to find out more about this exciting early literacy program.

Who is eligible?

Registration is open to children from birth to five years old who reside in zip codes 97055

How do I apply?

Fill out the online registration form

If you would like to donate:

Contact: Patrick Sanders

Phone: 503-680-6227


Free PLAYGROUP every Wednesday and Thursday


Conversational Reading. Parents play a huge role in preparing their children for success in school and beyond.

Why is this important?

  • Simple activities such as reading, singing, and talking with your baby can help lay a foundation for lifelong learning.
  • The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that by six months of age children should be read to on a daily basis.

Setting an example and showing your child that you love to read encourages children to read more.

Make reading fun for your baby by:

  • singing the text- rhyming stories are especially easy to turn into a song
  • pointing at the pictures- make the book interactive by pointing to and talking about the illustrations
  • using books that are fun to touch and feel- books with textures are especially captivating to a baby

Back and forth interaction with your child while reading is called “conversational reading” or “dialogic reading”. This is when the adult both listens and asks questions, allowing the child to lead. Talk to your baby as much as you can and use books as a springboard for conversation and teaching.

Bright by Text

Receive text messages to help you in your parenting journey.
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Meet the Family Resource Coordinators!

Hello! April is our Family Resource Coordinators for the Sandy rural area.

We are here to help!

Through partnerships and grants, Todos Juntos has many resources and supplies for families in Sandy.

There are many resources available to families in the communities.

If you have questions about schools, a resource, or anything else, feel free to contact me - We will always be ready to help.

Do you need help with resources? Fill out the link below and April will be in touch with you.

click on the link and fill out the form for help with resources.
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