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The Book Fair is Coming!

We will host our first book fair during parent teacher conferences the week of September 18th-21st! The theme for our fair is "Wild Wild West "--details will be coming. Students on our Library Advisory group will plan a team or grade level competition during that week to raise money for fun library items! Below are some pics from previous year's competitions! Get ready for some fun!!!

Tech Tip of the Month!

If you're stuck on what to have kids create as a final project, check out the link below for our LMC Webpage of Production Tools! (Just scroll down past the info searching links.) We've linked 28 different online tools from digital publications to video production! All tools that are linked are free and student friendly! I'm always happy to help introduce your kiddos to any one of them! :)

Read On!

This is a new section of our LMC eNews designed to help promote reading. As we know, it's difficult to get kids this age interested in reading for enjoyment, so each month I'll post a different activity/suggestion for you to use with your enrichment classes. Feel free to use these during DEAR days! Students are always more likely to pick up a book if they're introduced to it by someone they respect--and you all are fantastic role-models! For this first month, I've linked below an interesting article that ties reading to life expectancy--who would have thought!!!