Sir Francis Drake

Madison Lopez Explorer Project

Sir Francis Drake's Life

  • Drake's Bate of Birth: July 13, 1540
  • Drake's Death: January 27, 1596
  • Drake's Career: He took the town of Nombre de Dios on the Isthmus of Panama, captured a ship in the harbor of Cartagena, burned Portabelo, crossed and recrossed the Isthmus, and captured three mule trains bearing thirty tons of silver. Francis Drake was also the captain of a pirate ship.
  • Drake's Nationality: English
  • Drake's Homeland: Buckland Abbey

The Importance of Francis Drake

  • Drake's importance to the world was that he was the first Englishman to sail around the world and defeat the Spanish Armada.
  • Late in 1577, Francis Drake left England with five ships, ostensibly on a trading expedition to the Nile. On reaching Africa, the true destination was revealed to be the Pacific Ocean via the Straight of Magellan, to the dismay of some of the accompanying gentlemen and sailors. Still in the eastern Atlantic, a Portuguese merchant ship and it's pilot - who was to stay with Drake for 15 months - was captured, and the fleet crossed the Atlantic, via the Cape Verde Islands, to a Brazilian landfall.

The Death of Francis Drake

  • Drake died of a fever. The fever was cause by dysentery. Unfortunately, dysentery means an infectious diarrhea. The fever came and he was not able to cure it because they didn't have an ibuprofen at their their house. In fact they didn't have it at all. The fever came because they didn't know to hydrate themselves when they had dysentery. This and the fever lead to his unfortunate death.

EQ: Which explorer would have influenced you to want to immigrate from Europe to the area they explored? Use evidence about the explorer to support your reasoning.

Sir Francis Drake would have influenced me. In this project I have learned much about him. Drake would have influenced me to immigrate from Europe to India because he was a very successful pirate and explorer. Drake's pirate life was important because he was a captain of a pirate ship. This means he was a leader. Being a leader is a great opportunity and responsibility. Drake's responsibilities included being a leader and as well as a friend. Who would want an enemy and their leader?
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