Friday Focus

Let's all move in the same direction!

Beat the Blue Jeans Winners!

This week's Perfect Attendance Raptors from Wednesday 2/17/2016 are...

Jim Adams

Neera Bann

Brittany Barnes

Johnathan Barris

Rosa Blanco

Tiffany Bolufemi

Jason Boyd

Lauren Britton

Melissa Chalupsky

Melissa Chapa

Genia Choate

Steve Covele

Martha Cuthbert

Jeannie Davenport

Kim DeMoss

Belinda Denley

Mary Edwards

Betty Fennell

Kelley Fletcher

Janice Ford

Marlon Franklin

Jeff Gegogeine

Elsa Gerber

Femeka Glenn

Katie Gonzalez

Patrice Gray

Robert Green

Lolita Gumapac

Caryn Gurt

Monica Gutierrez

Kim Harris

Kara Nelson

Eric Holmes

April Johnson

Dorian Hopkins

Sadie Jones

WIlliam Jones

Nicole Keller

Tina Krenek

Agnes Lam

Paula Lerner

Palmira Llorens

Teri Marrow

Mary Martin

Laura Martinez

Angela Trueheart

Rossalind McCarter

Na'Tasha McCarty

Braulio Melendez

Mary Beth Melvyn

Rene Mentillo

David Mikel

Donna Mitchner

Israel Murillo

Stephanie Nolan

Gladys Ofili

Mallory Paulsen

Rhona Pecheux

Valeria Pineda

Debra Poncedeleon

Larry Ponder

Emma Pryor

Melissa Reynolds

Rebecca Rivas

Mary Rivera

Susan Rivera

Victor Rodriguez

Marilyn Rogers

Rosaura Rollins

Jaimie Salerno

Carol Sanders

Daisy Sapp

Kathy Self

Carlous Smith

Dorothy Taylor

Jarred Taylor

Eunice Telsee

Lindell Ware

Sarah Watson

Olivia Wolfe

Kevin Yager

Courtney Young

Gabriela Ysunza

Enjoy jeans this Monday!

Keep up the great work!

Upcoming Dates

Monday 2/22/16

Raptor Winners Wear your jeans!

Tuesday 2/23/16

EPT for CATCH Committee members @ 7:55 AM

Miller Walking Club

Basketball Game @ 6:00 Miller vs. Budewig @Albright ; Dr. Ava Montgomery are Area Superintendent will be in attendance, please join us and show your support.

Wednesday 2/24/16

Reading DCA: STAAR Simulation

--------------------------------------------------------> Snacks will be provided in AP Conference Room

Thursday 2/25/16

Math DCA: STAAR Simulation

Staff Meeting with Mr. Chambers in Kiva at 4:20

Stacy's Birthday Celebration in Kiva following Staff Meeting

Friday 2/26/16

Miller Leadership Academy Meeting @ 7:45 MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR INTERVIEW QUESTIONS!

The Ensemble Theatre “Wiley and the Hairy Man”

5th Grade: 1:50 – 2:30 p.m.

6th Grade: 2:50 – 3:30 p.m.

Saturday 2/27/16

Miller Learning Academy