Digital Story Telling

across all curriculums

Story Telling Process

Why Digital Story Telling?

Digital story telling allows students to showcase synthesis of their knowledge. This also reinforces the concepts they have learned and provides a product to showcase and share with other students.


  • Proposal
  • Research/Explore/Learn
  • Write/Script
  • Storyboard/Plan
  • Gather Media
  • Set the stage and build story
  • Share
  • Feedback and Reflection

Story Starters:

Story Boarding Sheets:

Resources to enhance Digital Story Telling


Story Telling Apps

Story Telling Web Tools


Mashup Examples!

Using screencasting:

Storybird mashed with Jing project!

Extras to try on your own!

Apps to get kids writing

Brandon Lutz

Supervisor of Instructional Technology

Cheltenham Township School District

Past President of PAECT