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May 20th

CCA Motto: To share the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, preparing hearts and minds to impact the world for Him.

CCA Guiding Principles: We teach 1) Christian Principles and Character, through 2) Christ Centered Academic Excellence, while promoting 3) American Patriotism.

Character Trait: Self-Control

The character trait for the month of May is self-control. We asked a few students what self- control means to them and here were their responses:

Thea & Maddie from K4 said that self-control is a part of the fruits of the spirit.

Kyler, a sixth grader, said that self-control is, “Getting mad but not punching anyone.”

Another sixth grader, Jacob, said that self-control is, “Not getting super angry.”

Taylor from 9th said this about self-control, “Self-control is not doing something when you really want to do it.”

Audrey from 10th said that self-control is, “Whenever someone makes you angry, but you control yourself, even though it is sometimes hard to do so.”

Beach Vacation or Amusement Park

This week for Survey Says we asked our 7th-12th grade students if they would rather go on a beach vacation or go to an amusement park? Here are their responses:

Beach - 47%

Amusement Park - 53%

On This Day In History: May 20th

1862: President Abraham Lincoln signs into law the original Homestead Act on May 20th, 1862. The Homestead Act gave an applicant freehold title to up to 160 acres (1/4 section, 65 hectares) of undeveloped federal land outside the original 13 colonies.

1927: Charles Lindbergh who many called the "flying fool" has set off from Roosevelt Field in Long Island, NY, today flying the "Spirit of St. Louis" on an epic flight from New York to Paris and is a milestone in flying aviation history.

1956: The first hydrogen bomb dropped from an aircraft is exploded by America over Bikini Atoll in the South Pacific.

2009: The American actor who had provided the voice of Mickey Mouse died at the age of sixty-two of complications from diabetes.

2013: A massive tornado ripped through the suburbs of Oklahoma City in the US state of Oklahoma on a second day of severe weather in the region. The tornado killed at least two people and left several more injured and homeless.

Remaining CCA Events

May 20:
  • 3rd-5th grade Music, 6th-11th grade Band Spring Concert @ 6:00 pm, in the CCA gym

May 21:

  • 10AM Talent Show in the CCA gym
  • 11:30 Dismissal; Last Day of school, no lunch or after school care provided
  • End of Fourth Quarter
  • 4-H Meeting from 11:30-12:30 in the CCA Cafeteria
  • Volleyball Open Gym for girls entering 5th-12th grade from 11:30-1:30pm

May 24:

  • CCA Garage Sale begins at 8AM in the CCA Gym. It will be open Monday through Thursday from 9AM to 1PM until Thursday, July 1st. All items left at CCA after 1PM on Thursday, July 1st will be donated.
  • CCA Office will be open from 8AM-3PM

May 25-27:

  • CCA Office will be open from 8AM-3PM

May 31:

  • Memorial Day; CCA Office closed

June 1-August 13th:

  • CCA Summer Office hours are Monday-Thursday from 9AM-1PM

Staff Spotlight: Melanie Dehn

The last staff spotlight of the 2020-21 school year is Melanie Dehn. She has been at CCA for 2 years. Her first year was as a ParaProfessional and her second year, this year, as a financial Secretary. She has been married to Jordan Dehn for 16 years, and they have one child, Asher in 2nd grade. Her favorite food is Chinese food and her favorite drink is iced coffee. Her favorite color is blue. Mrs. Dehn says that her favorite thing about being at CCA is, “ It amazes me being surrounded by adults and children who love the Lord. Also, being able to see my son throughout the day.” Her favorite Bible verse is Isaiah 41:10, which says, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

HS Graduation

Clinton Christian Academy (CCA) held their second High School graduation on Saturday, May 8th at 2pm in the CCA gym. CCA had five seniors who completed the requirements for graduation and earned their high school diplomas. Mr. Clark Ballard, who was the CCA administrator when the 9th grade was added in 2017, was a surprise attendee and gave the seniors some words of advice. Mrs. Carla Crump was also in attendance along with many other past and present CCA teachers and staff members. Miss Lydia Lanning, daughter of Ken and Michele Lanning, was Valedictorian. Miss Molly Briggs, daughter of Jason and Andrea Briggs, was Salutatorian. Both ladies delivered a joint address with words of wisdom for the graduating class of 2021. The junior class of 2022 had some fun "roasting" the seniors at the event before the graduates received their scholarships and diplomas. Mr. Don Patterson, current CCA Bible and Social Studies teacher, was the keynote speaker. Congratulations to Lydia Lanning, Molly Briggs, Isaiah Salazar, Joshua Marchbanks, and Eli Sargent on your high school graduation and the beginning of the rest of your lives.

K4 Graduation

K4 graduation was held on Tuesday, May 11th at 6pm in the CCA gym. CCA had 9 students promoted to Kindergarten. Students sang songs for their parents. They also recited all of these scriptures: James 1:17, John 3:16, John 14:6, 1 John 4:8, Psalm 139:14, Psalm 23:1, Genesis 26:24, Genesis 1:1, Psalm 106:1 & John 1:3. Congratulations!

8th Grade Promotion

CCA hosted an 8th grade promotion ceremony on Tuesday, May 18th at 6:30pm in the CCA gym. On this evening, seven students were promoted to High School. Mr. Patterson prepared the keynote speech for the ceremony and Mr. Stevens presented promotion certificates. Congratulations to Casia Irick, Dakoda Vallentine, Corban Dody, Elijah Griffey, Hunter Foley, Noah Koch and Ryan Keith on their accomplishments.
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Chapel on May 14th

CCA’s chapel this morning was brought to us by 4th grade. They did a comedic reiteration of how Jesus came and washed away our sins. The 4th graders also showed how God’s own people turned away from Him for a time. They reenacted how Jesus came to the cross and sacrificed His life for us. Students each took turns singing verses of two songs.

Special Assembly

CCA was blessed to have the Routon's along with Isaiah Benedict & family all the way from Haiti to talk with us about their mission work. The assembly was opened with CCA students and staff saying the pledge of allegiance to the American flag and Christian flag. Carolyn Routon spoke about Haiti first and taught us Jesus Loves me in Creole. She encouraged each of us to be a missionary wherever you are. When we pray, please remember to pray for the ones in prison, especially the ones in Haiti, which includes an 11 year-old boy. Recently the meanest guy was saved and he can't wait to hear about Jesus when the missionaries visit the prisons. Carolyn introduced Pastor Isaiah by saying they got "hooked on Haiti" while visiting. Pastor Isaiah talked about his family (wife Dawn and children Josiah, Hailey and Ayla). They are helping with School of Light, a Christian school, which recently began in their Haiti village. The children are learning respect for their country and their elders there. The school is small and plans to add a new grade every year; this year they are adding 5th grade. Classrooms at the school are separated by ropes and tarps. Some children walk 2 hours to school and they cannot be more than 15 minutes late. The school cannot afford to feed the children lunch so they don't eat until they get home, and some not even then if their family doesn't have food. The school is looking to buy land so that a playground can be built.

Please pray for the School of Light. Also, thank you CCA parents, teachers and staff for buying and collecting supplies to send back with the Routon's & Benedict family when they return to Haiti.

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CCA Juried Art Show

On May 17, 2021 Clinton Christian Academy hosted a Juried Art Show in the cafeteria from 6:30-7:30pm. Artwork was on display from K4 through 12th grade for all in attendance to see. Art creations were judged on artistic appeal, neatness & creativity. Ribbons were given out for third, second or first place in each class. Colten Manning, CCA 7th grader, won best of show.
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Summer Well Wishes from CCA Teachers

What words of advice would you give your students as they leave CCA for summer break?

  • “Enjoy the summer while staying connected to friends and CCA.”

  • “You were created on purpose for a special purpose by our wonderful Father. Always trust him and know that hard times are temporary, great times are blessings, and at all times, you are very loved!”

  • “If you never review your math skills over the summer, you will never remember enough to excel in math next year.”

  • “Read, read, read! Then read some more!”

  • “Exercise your imagination… read.”

  • “Enjoy your time with friends and family. Read. Have fun!”

  • “Enjoy summer!”

  • “Pray for our country. Our leaders need God and His leadership. Read the Bible daily.”

  • “Enjoy every minute of your break, carve out time for Jesus and try to review in the areas you are weak.”

  • “Enjoy every day and use everyday to practice what you have learned in academics, character, and biblically.”

  • “Continue to practice some of the fun things you learned in 2nd grade! Practice math facts . Borrowing, carrying and leading!”

  • “Keep growing in God’s word and keep doing a little homework. If you don’t use it, you may lose it.”

  • “Enjoy your summer break! Get lots of rest and relaxation. Play outside. Go swimming and fishing. Attend church and Sunday school and spend time playing, reading about and worshiping God.”

  • “Get tan, take lots of vacations, have a safe break, don’t lose sight of Jesus.”

  • “Stay active spiritually, physically, and mentally.”

  • “Don’t be on electronics until after lunchtime. Get outside!”

What book would you recommend to read over the summer?

  • The Endurance by Careline Alexander

  • Ernest Shackelton’s Legendary Antarctic Expedition

  • Prince Caspian

  • Watership Down

  • The Bible

  • Proverbs

  • Happy Birthday Mom

  • Prisoner B-3087

  • The Wonky Donkey

  • The Gone Series

  • Anna Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl

  • Where the Red Fern Grows

What summer activities do you recommend doing?

  • Read anything that interests you and go to open gym

  • Football and extra math

  • Home Improvement projects

  • Hiking

  • Enjoy God’s beautiful creation

  • Reading and napping

  • Outdoor activities like ultimate frisbee

  • Biking at the Katy Trail

  • Any activity with your family

  • Outdoors and Sunshine

  • Sunshine, Outdoor activities, read, practice your math facts, participate in VBS or Sports Crusaders

  • Swim and explore new places with family

  • VBS, swim, take a trip out of town, use a tackle box more than an xbox, go on a bike ride with family

  • Swim, fish, run through sprinklers, catch lightening bugs, and ride your bike

  • Swim, fish, camp, shop

  • Read, swim and hang out with friends

  • Draw, paint, make crafts, and go on walks

Do you have a favorite summer recipe to share with CCA?

  • Grilled food

  • Hibiscus water

  • Texas Caviar- Drain 1 can black eyed peas, 1 can black beans, 1 can of corn, chop ¼ c. diced jalapeno, ½ c. finely chopped red onion, 1 green pepper and one 1 red pepper both finely chopped, ¾ c. distilled vinegar, ½ c. olive oil, 1 T. water. ½ c. sugar, 1 t. Sal, 1 t. pepper. Mix well and let sit 4 hours before serving. Serve with tortilla chips.

  • Scotts General Store Peach Nehi Floats

  • Peanut Butter GooGoos

  • Fruit Juice Popsicles

  • Frozen Grapes

  • Wraps

  • Ice Cream in a bag. In a small resealable plastic bag combine 1 cup half and half, 2 tablespoons sugar, 2 teaspoons vanilla then push out all the air and seal. In one large resealable plastic bag combine 3 cups of ice and one ⅓ cup of kosher salt then add in the smaller bag still sealed. Shake for 7-10 m

  • Pineapple Lemonade- 1 cup countrytime lemonade mix, 3 cups cold water, 2 cans of sprite, can of chilled pineapple juice. Add all together & enjoy!

  • Chocolate lasagna

  • Fruit Pizza: 3/4 cup sugar, 1 1/4 cups flour, 1/4 teaspoon baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup butter softened, 1 teaspoon vanilla extract, 1 large egg

Cream Cheese Frosting: 12 ounces cream cheese softened, 1/4 cup butter softened, 1 teaspoon vanilla, 1 1/4 cup powdered sugar

Fruit Toppings: 7–10 strawberries sliced, 5–6 kiwis sliced, 1 mango sliced, 1/2 cup

blueberries, 1 small bunch of grapes halved


Make the Crust: Mix the butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla until well combined. (You can use an electric mixer or just mix with a spoon if your butter is melted.) Add flour, baking powder, and salt. Mix until combined. Chill the dough for 30 minutes.

Bake the Crust: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Grease a 14-inch pizza pan or round baking stone, or line with parchment. Roll the chilled dough out onto it, leaving some space around the edge. Bake for 12 minutes. Allow it to cool.

Make the Cream Cheese Frosting: Using an electric mixer, combine the cream cheese, butter, powdered sugar and vanilla until smooth and creamy. Spread over the cooled cookie crust and chill again to firm up the frosting.

Make It Fancy: Top with fruit!

What is your favorite pool to visit?

  • Oceans of Fun

  • My mom's pool

  • The Benson Center

  • White Water

  • The strip pits behind our house

  • I love to visit the lake behind my house

  • Clinton Country Club pool

  • Warrensburg pools

  • Clinton Outdoor pool

  • Meadow Lake pool

  • Artesian pool

What is your favorite summer vacation spot?

  • Northern lake in Minnesota or Canada

  • Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

  • Anyplace new

  • Our basement

  • Puerto Vallarta, México

  • Monarch Pass, Colorado

  • Rocky Mountain National Park

  • Lake or Ocean

  • Colorado

  • Cumberland, Wi

  • The Fun Spot in Kissimmee, Florida

  • Winter park, Colorado

  • Chicago, Illinois

  • Portland, Oregon

  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Bennett Springs, Texas

  • Any beach

7th & 8th Service Project

On Thursday, May 13th, our 7th and 8th Graders traveled to Life Change Camp in Lincoln, MO to clean, rake leaves and help get the camp ready for this summer. Students made hotdogs and smores and received cookies. It was a good service project that they all enjoyed helping with. Thank you to Kara Manning and Laura Mendenhall for taking the students and helping with the project. Pictures are below.

3rd Grade Wax Museum

On Friday, May 14th the third grade class held a wax museum in the CCA gym. This was during school hours and all CCA students was able to attend. A wax museum is where the children dress up as their characters then memorize a speech about their character's life. Attendees go up to the character, press a button on their hand and they come to life, as if they were a real wax figure. The 3rd graders also did this for the public at the Henry County Museum on Wednesday May 12th. Some of the characters they chose were Lamar Hunt, Walt Disney, Sacajawea, Omar Bradley,. and Margaret Thatcher. Awesome job 3rd Grade!