Inspired By O2

March 2014


WOW WOW WOW !! That is really the only thing I can think of to say ! You took March by Storm. I am super excited for everyone on the team ! We grew in Leaders on our team . In sale and top over $10,000 in sales for March :) I have to say I am so blessed to work with so many amazing people on the team. We are a force of good and helping others be successful. I know we will continue to do amazing things. Mother's day is right around the corner. Do not forget graduation and Easter is coming also.

Have a great month and remember I am always here to help :)

P.S National Convention in AZ is only 113 days away !!

Peace, Love and Lockets,


Incentve Winners for March 2014

Top Mentor : Rosalva Ramirez

Gets an Etsy Customize Business Planner

Top in Sale : Dennise De Arce

$50 retail price in business supplies for example TOMS , Display items, Stock from Origami Owl.

Congrats to everyone. I am so proud of you all !!

Incentives for the Month of April 2014

Top Mentor :

$50.00 Visa gift Card

Top in Sale :

A white owl earring holder for all of the new earrings we have now.

The 50th person to join our team not only get to get $50 (retail) in O2 stock so does the mentor that enrolled that person. So who will be our 50th person ! We are at number 41 right now !

We are doing it again this month promoting win is going to be a team event . First team to have a STL in their team wins their whole team a hotel stay at convention !! Yes that means your WHOLE team gets free hotel while at convention. From Thursday until Sunday !! The rooms hold up to 6 adults. This is the last room I have booked and paid for already !!

Our New STL Damaris and her team cashed in. Is your team next ? So get together with your mentor and see what you need to do to make this work for everyone on your team. Does your Mentor need to get the STL and you the team leader to make this all work? If so what do you need to do to get to team leader ? I know this can happen !!!

We are an amazing team and rocking it !