by:nicole anderson


This is Brewster or also known as Brusier. He has the ability to take away pain from those he cares about. He started dating Bontree a quiet but sassy star swimmer. She helped break Brewster out of his shell, along with the help of her twin brother Tennyson. They helped Brewster but they also hurt him by making him become closer to there friends and family and taking there pain. He would have been taking away pain from alot more people but he never knew his dad because he left his family after he was born but he lived with his mother for the first part of his life till she got cancer and Brewster couldn't be around her or else he would get it too, she later on died because of the cancer. He and his younger brother Cody lived with their abusive Uncle Hoyt and there bull Tritip. Uncle Hoyt wasn't the nicest person to be with, he drank a lot of achol and was angry 95% of the time, but Brewster and Cody lived with it till Uncle Hoyt died of stroke. If Brewster had to bring 3 things on vacation he would bring a first aid kit, a poetry journal, and a new shorter stringed kite for Cody.

Why Brewster would bring a first aid kit

Brewster would bring a first aid kit on vacation because he wants make sure that he would would be less likely to suffer from an more serious injury's after the last ones he has encountered. He would want to make sure that he will have something to help him cut down on all the pain he has been absorbing from those close to him. Like the time he took Bontres concussion and "sinks deeper, deeper Faceup, eyes open". Bontre and Tennyson helped him live by using the heart paddles to shock him back to life

Why Brewster would bring a poetry journal

Poetry is especially important to Brewster, it helps him express his emotions when its so hard not to, when his body is hurting so bad from all the pain he takes away poetry is the one thing he can turn to, to let out all of his emotions. I was "to blame for bringing Brew out of his shell and exposing him to all the toxic things the rest of us carry in our souls". - Bontre she felt like she made Brewster's life worse adding her friends in to the people he hung out around, causing them to grow a liking toward them and take there pain too. Or how poetry is what brought Bontre and Brewster together at the library,it makes him think about all the good times they have had together and how Bontres family has done so much to help out Brewster and his brother. Brewster would bring a poetry journal to his vacation because it would make it that much more special and it would let him just relax and in joy the world.

Why Brewster would bring a kite for Cody

Brewster bring a kite for Cody because Cody recently lost his kite while playing at the park, which turned into a huge mess that Brewster does not want a repeat of. So Brewster would give Cody a new one that way they can both have fun with it while they hung out on vacation. Brewster mostly cares about the people who love him and the safety of those he loves. As Cody starts to slip from the slick metal railing Brewster says ''you're gonna be okay" He would get a kite with a shorter string that way Cody won't get it caught again. So that way he and Cody both get what they wanted anew kite and Brewster got the safety of his brother.