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Counseling Corner: October

Wellness Corner


College application season is well into swing--which is both exciting and scary! We know this can be a very stressful time, so we encourage you to take time to manage your mental/emotional health by using positive stress coping strategies--as well as feeling comfortable to reach out for help (from your counselor, a friend, parent/guardian, or teacher)!

Tips to manage stress:

· breathe deeply and slowly

· make a list of things that are good/things that make you happy

· color, draw or doodle

· squeeze a stress ball

· go on a walk/get outside

· listen to music and/or create a new music playlist

· call or Facetime someone you love

· go for a run, play a sport, dance, ride your skateboard, take an exercise class

· write yourself a short note of encouragement

· have a healthy snack

· talk to a mentor, caring adult or a professional

· do something creative (sing, color, draw, play your instrument, bake)

· read your favorite book

· journal

· watch your favorite movie/tv show

· volunteer/help someone else

Here is a counselor-created presentation on “Thought Ruts” to learn how to recognize when your own negative thoughts are putting you down--and how to deal with them so you can move forward!

How to talk to teens about depression: Teen depression is becoming increasingly troubling. It seems our teens are suffering in higher numbers than in the past. While parents and teachers are well aware of the vulnerabilities experienced during adolescence, these days it feels as if a heavier emotional burden is weighing our teens down.

Learn the symptoms of this medical condition—and how to get help.

AP Exam Registration Information

REMINDER: The last day to register and pay for AP Exams is November 1st!

College and Career Resources

Tustin Unified School District will be hosting a College & Career Fair with representatives from dozens of different colleges and universities who will be available to answer your questions and provide information about their campuses. In addition, there will be workshops on Financial Aid and NCAA eligibility, as well as the UC, Cal State, and community college systems.

When: November 4, 2019

Where: Tustin High School Gym

Check out the colleges that will be visiting Beckman this fall. College visits are held during student break and lunch in the Career Center.

Test Prep Resources

Shmoop online test preparation is excited to be partnering with Tustin USD for another great year! Resources are available for ACT, SAT, AP and the PSAT. Students login through Haiku and go to “apps” in the top right corner to locate the Shmoop link. Once logged in to Shmoop, use these direct links to quickly access just some of the premium resources:

ACT Test Prep

SAT Test Prep

AP Test Prep

PSAT Test Prep

The UC System

Presenting Yourself on the UC Application is created by the UC system to assist students with maximizing their application.

Question of the Month

Q: Do any UC campuses require SAT Subject Tests? If so, which campuses and which tests?

A: UC does not require SAT Subject Tests from any freshman applicant. Some programs on select campuses, however, may recommend specific SAT Subject Tests. Please note: a recommendation is not a requirement.

Senior Scene

Counselors went into senior English classes this past week to answer any last minute BCAP questions as well as provided students with a handout of important dates and resources.

Additional Reminders:


  • Focus on your grades. College admissions will definitely want to see your senior grades so keep them up to remain eligible for the colleges you are seeking.
  • Narrow your college lists to ‘Safety’ (colleges you are sure based on admission criteria), ‘Match’ (schools that you will likely be admitted to because your academics are well within the average incoming freshman range) & ‘Reach’ (possible but not guaranteed.)
  • Fill out the FAFSA. Window runs from Oct 1 - Mar 2.
  • Keep applying for scholarships.


  • November is a very pivotal time for seniors and we’re not just talking turkey. Early Decisions and Early Actions are due so pay attention to details and deadlines.
  • Double check that the College Board or ACT has sent your test scores directly to the colleges you are applying.
  • If necessary, register to take or retake the SAT, SAT Subject tests and or ACT. Most universities will accept through the December test dates.
  • Keep track of all deadlines and continue to apply for scholarships.

Junior Junction

  • Discover what you are looking for in a college/university/trade school by attending visits in the Career Center! Log-in to your Naviance account to see the full list and register.

  • Get involved in Beckman High School’s Clubs and find a community that you are passionate about.

  • Start practicing for the SAT! Khan Academy and Collegeboard have teamed up to offer FREE online practice for the SAT. Junior year is a great time to create your account and start practicing.

  • Junior AVID Classroom Lesson: Counseling facilitated a lesson over two days called “Transcript Masters” where students had the opportunity to practice reviewing transcripts and creating college lists for sample students. Check-out the pre/post survey data.

Sophomore Stop

Student athletes should register with the NCAA Eligibility Center if they are interested in college athletics. Students need to make sure they are on track to meet the NCAA's required initial eligibility standards.

If you missed 10th Grade B Prepared Night, you can view the presentation here.

Freshman Forum

Throughout the months of October and November, freshman counselor, Erin Charles, will go into 9th grade Biology classes to educate students on:

  1. Graduation requirements
  2. College entrance (A-G) requirements
  3. Elective pathways offered on campus
  4. Developing a personal academic 4 year plan

ACSA Mindsets and Behaviors Addressed:
• M 2. Self-confidence in ability to succeed
• M 4. Understanding that postsecondary education and life-long learning are necessary
for long-term career success
• M 5. Belief in using abilities to their fullest to achieve high-quality results and outcomes
• M 6. Positive attitude toward work and learning
• B-LS 4. Apply self-motivation and self direction to learning
• B-SMS 5. Demonstrate perseverance to achieve long- and short-term goals

Parent Tip: Helping Your Teen with Homework

Upcoming Dates

Student Dates:

Lunch & Learns: all during lunch in the library

November 5: Financial Aid

December 10: Tips for Success: Test Anxiety

Parent & Student Evening Dates:

November 4: College & Career Fair at 6:00 at Tustin High School

November 6: Cash for College Financial Aid Workshop at 6:00 in rooms 131-136

December 11: Effective Communication: Parenting Styles (Aspire) at 6:00 in the PAC

Counseling Haiku Pages

Need immediate information related to academics or college & career?

Check out our grade-level Haiku pages or the Beckman Counseling page linked below.