By Srecko Sreckovic

The river Gradac is a beautiful river with great landscapes and scenery. There are a lot of places to go out and spend free time such as Vidra Cafe, Srpski opanak, Suncev vir , River bar … I don’t have any special places, because wherever I go I feel fine and relaxed. These cafés are not fancy but you can drink coffee, enjoy the view and put your mind off. This area  is also well protected  from the winds  and that  is the reason for  the  absence of climatic extremes, such as large temperature differences between the day and night.
All these factors make this place very suitable for recreation purposes. You can ride horses, you can go fishing, take  awalk, reserch into the site archeological aspect, or numerous habitats of rare plant and animal spieces.You can play vollyball or football, in a proper sport field provided by the River Bar Cafe. 
The popularity of the Gradac gorge has created some problems. One the of biggest is a traffic jam, especialy at the weekend, which also brings air pollution.This problem can be solved only with a  ban and it should be an initiative for  local authorities to increase the level of protection in this area. It is suggested  that only the local households can be permitted to drive. 
All of this area has not been explored well from the economic point of view. Many foreigners come to our country because of its outstanding natural characteristics.The Gradac gorge is a goldmine for making profit, but it seems irrelevant for the local authorities and our community.There are plenty of indicators for a good business concept to be made by the Tourism department of our city. But, as I said before, everything is still on ground level. On the other hand, underdevelopment helps preserve the untouched nature of the area and makes it a paradise for those who like to rough it on their travels.