Fight For a Cause

Ways to decrease Homelessness


- Half the homeless women and children are fleeing because of domestic violence.

- Most people are homeless for less than two months, meaning that most of the homeless people want or choose to be homeless, or that they are too lazy to pull themselves out of a difficult situation.

- Many people become addicts after becoming homeless.

- Up to 25% of homeless people are employed. To escape from taking care of a hone or paying rent, electricity, etc.

Front Steps

Front steps is an organization that helps homeless people , it provides a pathway home for people experiencing homelessness by offering a shelter. They serve 50-75 clients evceryday.
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So please make sure you treat the homeless like you treat your own family. More than anything what they need is love, they can get food, shelter, and clothing anywhere by working hard but they can't get love.