I will be telling you about what we will be doing in Egypt and seeing. We will be on the Smooth Sloth Airlines. We will be visiting lots of places seeing lots of things of the Egyptian culture. There will be lots of food that we will be trying there lots of new things that you probably have never really done. There is all sorts of things to do there and during this flyer you might figure some of those things out.

Egyptian Currency

All Egyptian money

These are pictures of all of the Egyptian coins and pounds. The Egyptian money all had something important to them like statues and sculptures all sorts of stuff like that. Even all of there coins had stuff like ships and vases and monuments that are important to them.
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Egyptian weather is usually around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. being really sunny,dry,and hot but with cold nights at 43 degrees Fahrenheit. At night and in the winter to about 32 degrees Fahrenheit. So you have to be careful at night and in the winter.

What to use for transportation

You should use to go around Egypt The metro a Tuk-Tuk a Microbus (a 14 seat mini van) or a Taxi. and also you need to be very careful if it is your first time driving in Egypt. for your first time there is lots and lots of cars and traffic so be warned. But for most of the time we will be driving you around.

Useful Phrases


How are you doing=kayf hi ahwalk


Whats up=madha tafeal

Contact Information

This will be all of the information of stuff that you will need to text or call. For your trip to Egypt.