Lets think about the good, without positive thoughts you can have a negative impact in your life that can possibly lead to depression. You see negative thoughts don’t just come from you it come from the negative patterns that you have build around you like situations people and etc.. When you have negativity in you life you are building a brick wall blocking people from entering your life and not ever happy in this world but good thing with practice you can get back positive. People mentally beat themselves up for still being stuck in negative thoughts which can really be an internal battle. If you are struggling thru negative thinking you can turn that frown upside down to become happy. Recognize the pattern that causes you to think negative everyday of your life emotions can also cause it once you find the pattern in your negative thinking you can make a plan on how to overcome that habit of thinking. This is not a quick fix method it takes time but let's try to bring your mindset out of the dark into the light. Practicing Awareness of the negative patterns just like exercising you get out of the bad routine of being lazy.


Is Bravery, not having a fear but that all kind from how you think. Just like the Wizard of Oz remember the lion was always afraid to go and do anything then when he came across his fear the he had the courage to go against the witch. Courage is not you being brave physically but mentally overcoming something. Fear and Courage are brother being scared but still having to go with the flow is courage. Don't let you negative thoughts take over who you are courage can be a attribute. Think of when you felt scared what did you do to have courage over it? Our inspirational leaders are our heros so therefore they have courage. Courage is not easy at all it considers being willing to face your fears and embrace uncertainty. You have to move forward from you fear people let fear paralyze them to where they are so use to negative thinking that aren't able to overcome and have courage. Courage is an acting in spite of fear it's not absence you have more courage when you overcome your fear your heart is where courage happens so caring is also courage overcoming jumping out of the plane is courage.


We can’t have a day without courage, 9/11 the rescuers had courage to risk their own lives to save somebody else's. But the questions is how does courage play out in our day to day lives that we attend to? If you had fear everyday of your life you will go into depression because you're so alone and afraid of everything that's around you and you will never overcome anything in life, it's about values in your heart that is stronger than fear. Everyday we need courage not extra but we need to have courage as parents around our kids it requires courage to change habits like negative thoughts. Remember courage happens in your mind set of happiness when you think negative that is when fear is taking over and putting that blockage where people can’t enter it. You need courage because fear can make you small and turn you into somebody you don’t like nor does anyone else. If the world wasn't so negative we can have positive thoughts and not challenge one another but love each other we're all equal. Take time and think about courage and how to strengthen your heart everyday presents something different build your courage up now for it


Courage isn't an act you can compare courage to something or someone it’s a brave act from your heart. Everyday the acts you do are courage. Does it take courage to admit to something that it wrong? Yes. Does it take courage to be who you really are? Yes. Because you are trying to fit in when you're not being yourself so for you to step out of that zone and be yourself is courage saying thank you can be courage. Taking responsibilities is a big roll in courage because what you want your life to be is because of your courage of doing it. Keep your promises write down what you say you're going to do to change that bad habit and keep moving forward. Choose to be happy and you gained your courage learn from your mistakes understand what went wrong and how it happen to become wrong. Put your family and friends before stuff and most importantly love yourself if you don't love you self or do any of these accomplishments you don't have courage. Ask for help if you need a push to go that extra mile your family and friends are right by your side.

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