Toddler 2 Starfish

September 9th - September 13th

Blue Week!

It has been a fun week in Toddler 2! It was great going around our classroom and finding blue stuff! Some of us even had fun playing in blue boxes! We made art with blue painters tape, blue paint, and blueberries! We enjoyed making art that was also edible! Our other fun snack this week was blue jello jigglers. It sure felt funny in our hands! We have continued working on sitting and interacting during circle time. It is one of our favorite activities of the day! Everyone loves to get pillows out and ring the circle time bell!

Other fun this week!

Come on over to Toddler 2 and see our new loft! We are having so much fun climbing up stairs and rolling cars down the ramp! This week was also spent going on our daily buggy rides! We enjoyed riding along and watching the big blue dump truck drive by!

Next Week!

Next Week is yellow week! We look forward to searching the classroom for everything yellow!

Mark your calendars!

Thursday September 26th is Culver's night! Be sure to go and support Grace!