Comparison of Colonial Region

Meghan Doyle

New England Region

Religion ; religion dissent was one of the most common reasons people came to America. Puritans wanted to establish a community built solely on pure biblical teachings.

Economy ; They relied heavily on the Atlantic Ocean. Shipbuilding,trade,and fishing became leading industries in the region.

Society ; The Puritan church was a central part of life in New England. Every settler had to attend and support the puritan church. Dissenters were often banished.

Why it started ; In 1692 , the Salem Witch Trials resulted when various townspeople were accused of being witches . A number of them were condemned to death.

Middle Region

Religion ; They had more religious tolerance and were more culturally diverse.

Economy ; Depended on both farming & tolerance.The larger cities had important ports for shipping products overseas. Due to waterways , they also benefited from a thriving fur trade and forged an economic relationship with native Americans.

Society ; They featured a more diverse population. Merchants who dealt in foreign trade formed the upper class aristocracy of the region.

Southern region

Religion ; Bitter cold winters,disease, and starvation killed many of the settlers. Native Americans helped allowing Jamestown to survive.

Economy ; They relied on staple crops like tobacco and rice led to the rise of the plantation system.The system eventually gave way to Slavery. 1619, first Africans arrive, most likely as indentured servants.

Society ; Tended to be divided between the rich plantation owners,poor farmers, and slaves.The wealthy upper class is superior to the lower class.

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