Fulton Focus

For the Parents and Patrons of Fulton Public Schools

September 4, 2015

A Message from the Superintendent

Dear Parents and Patrons,

School has started in good fashion; however, my observation is that students and teachers will benefit from the coming three day weekend.

Perhaps the most prominent questions asked in Fulton recently; What did you do in school today? Optimistically your student shared a variety of activities, several successes and few challenges. Realistically, I suspect your students’ response may be nothing! Please do not accept ‘nothing’ as a satisfactory response!

So, what is your next step? How do I engage my student? An author on the Missouri Parent web site suggests several powerful questions including:

1. What do you think?

2. Why do you think that?

3. How do you know this?

4. Can you tell me more?

5. What questions do you still have?

The author also suggests strategies to enhance each question while talking with your student. To access the article use this link: http://moparent.com/flipped-powerful-questions-to-ask-your-child. The Missouri Parent web site contains a significant amount of information to help parents and students embrace school success. To access Missouri Parent, click on the MOParent link from the Fulton 58 District home page.

Your student’s success is our most important function; however my personal observation is that creating the atmosphere for success begins at home. Please help us ensure your students’ success.

What did you do in school today? If the answer you receive is not satisfactory please call and I will be glad to work with you, the principal and classroom teacher to review your students’ activities.

Thank you for sending great kids and supporting Fulton Public Schools!

What is Guided Math?

Much like Guided Reading, Guided Math is a technique used to help ALL students in math. Guided Math begins with a pre-test over a certain skill. Then, there is a 10-15 minute mini- lesson over that particular skill at their grade level. Once the mini-lesson is complete, the students are divided up into leveled groups which focus on the same skill at the student level to rotate through stations. One station for each child is with the teacher. At that point, the teacher is able to give individualized instruction to each student everyday which is key to student learning. The teacher knows the instructional level of each student and can help each student better understand the skills and also address misconceptions. In the small groups, there is one-to-one interaction, more engagement, and a more individualized focus on the skill.

Because the pre-test is given, the teacher knows who has already mastered the skill and who needs additional help. The students at the mastery level are provided more rigorous material to enrich their learning. The students who don't quite understand are given extra help in order to master the skill.

Brandi Hassien, 3rd Grade Teacher, states "the kids enjoy getting to move through the stations. This allows them to do different things that are all associated with the same skill." The math lesson in its' entirety is from one hour to one hour and fifteen minutes long. Breaking up the time makes it easier for students to stay on task for that length of time and allows the teacher to tap into the different learning styles for each student.

Breakfast in the Classroom UpDate

The Breakfast in the Classroom Program is doing very well in the Elementary Schools in the District. The expectation is that the participation will continue to grow, especially after bringing back cereal, the favorite among breakfast choices. Some other popular breakfast choices will be added to the menu next week.

The numbers so far are encouraging!

Bartley - Average Daily Participation has almost doubled

Average Daily Participation last year - 85 (30%)

Average Daily Participation this year - 161 (59%)

Year-to-date High Participation 188 (68%)

McIntire - Increase in Average Daily Participation by 20%

Average Daily Participation last year 160 (40%)

Average Daily Participation this year 235 (60%)

Year-to-date High Participation 295 (75%)

Bush - Increase in Average Daily Participation by 30%

Average Daily Participation last year 191 (47%)

Average Daily Participation this year 312 (78%)

Year-to-date High Participation 349 (87%)

Your child is NOT required to eat breakfast, however it is FREE and nutritional. Participation can begin at anytime!

MAP Score Reminder

An article in the September 4th edition of the Fulton Sun referenced FPS MAP Scores. Please refer to the August 21st Focus which includes the correct 2015 MAP Score data in chart format.


The following link was just released today from The Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education regarding a guide to the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP) which includes an all-inclusive source for technical information, timelines, and resources.


Chromebook Damage Waiver for Grades 6-12

The deadline to submit Damage Waiver payment has been extended to September 15. $30 for single student, $60 for families. After 9/15, all damages to Chromebooks will be billed to the parent directly.

Payments may be mailed or dropped off in the building office.

Upcoming Events

Monday, September 7 No School (Labor Day)

Wednesday, September 9 Board of Education Meeting 7 p.m.

Monday, September 14 No School (Teacher Professional Development)

Friday, October 2 Dismiss 1 hour early (Homecoming)

Monday, October 12 No School (Teacher Professional Development)

Tuesday, October 13 End of 1st Quarter

Wednesday, October 14 MAP Gold Medal Awards 6 p.m. Roger D. Davis Gymnasium

Wednesday, October 14 Board of Education Meeting 7 p.m.

Friday, October 30 No School (Earned Day Off)