Civil Rights

Important Events

In the 1800`s most southern and some other states passed new laws for segregation. Dr.Martin Luther King Jr. led the Civil Rights movement in the 1960`s. In Greensboro on February 1,1960, four African American college students walked into a Woolworth store for lunch. They sat down at a counter that was reserved for white customers only. The store manager would not serve them. The students refused to leave until they had their meal. The next day a few more African Americans joined them, and after almost a week, hundreds of people participated in the "sit-in" protest. Six months later, the Woolworth company changed their policy and allowed everyone to eat at its lunch counters. In 1964, the United States government passed the Civil Rights Act, which banned segregation in public places. Since the 1960`s, many other groups have worked for rights and equality, such as American indians, Hispanics, women, and people with disabilities.

Key Words

Civil rights, peaceful protests, and segregation.