The Panther Net

The Week Ahead for the Week of December 14- December 18


Grade Level PLC

Admin PLC

CPI training-Fishbowl Room
Mrs. Chivers-White and Mrs. Harper will be participating in this training.

Michael Jerell in building

School Board Meeting

Congratulations to Mr. Morgan who was nominated as our "Employee of Excellence" this quarter. He will be recognized at Monday Night's board meeting.


Staff Holiday Celebration

District Reading Plan Team Meeting-Campbell


k4/5 to Charlotte

Sherry R2S Meeting-out of building

Chivers Out


2nd Grade Showcase 12-1 Gaston, Derr, Barnes

PTO Cookie Swap

Elementary Principals' Meeting

YMCA Christmas Party


DCMS Bel Canto Choir performance 10AM Media Center
4/5 Special Switch

Birthday Lunch

Chivers out

From Mrs. Chivers-White

I have K5 and 1st grade benchmarks in my office. Please let me know when you are ready for them.

2nd grade, your answer key for the benchmarks have been forwarded to you. Please do not forget to input your scores into Canvas.

Grades are due no later than 5 pm on Friday, December 18th. Please print your verification page, sign it, and put it in my box no later than 5 pm.

Notice of drop down menu change (for students with an IEP, IAP, or 504 only):


- Below grade level; reflects instructional level (IEP w/documented modifications)

- working below grade level expectations, with support (Documented accommodations in IEP, IAP or 504)

- meeting grade level expectations, with support (Documented accommodations in IEP, IAP or 504)

Deb Broyles will make the change in PowerTeacher on Monday morning. The Grade Reporting documents in Canvas will be updated with a ‘Revision Date of 12/14/15’.

F&P- All F&P tests are to be completed by Friday. Please make sure that the student scores are saved on the District F&P Tracking spreadsheet.

These are located on the R drive. See Sherry if you have questions about this spreadsheet.

All F&P folders will need to be submitted to Sherry (K-2) or me (3-5) by January 4th no later than 3pm.

Please make sure that you have:

  • ​Completed the Summary Forms
  • Found Hard Level
  • Found Instructional Level (Highest)
  • Completed the information on the folder accurately
  • Recorded the Accuracy, Fluency, and Self Correction Rate
  • MSV'd (Highest Instructional Level only)

Curriculum Corner

Student Holiday Fun Dress Up Days

Several of the students have asked about some fun, dress up days this week.
Below you will find themed days for students.

Wednesday- Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer- wear your reindeer ears, Santa hats, elf ears...
Thursday-wear your favorite holiday shirt
Friday- Pajama day

Students should be reminded that they should not paint their face or color their hair.

Faculty Staff Christmas Dress Days

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