Second Grade Happenings

By: Mrs. Lowenthal

New Class Room Blog

Hi- so I am trying something new out with our class communication. I thought a class blog would be fun to read and keep up with what is happening with your students on a weekly (not sure if I can keep up weekly, but I will do my best) or monthly basis. I hope you enjoy our Second Grade Happenings.

Our Star Student for the week

I am excited to share with you our star student for the week, Lauren. She was amazing at sharing all about herself. We are looking forward to seeing who our Star Student this week will be.
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Fun with Contractions

This week my students had so much fun learning about contractions. We participated in many centers focusing on contractions. We were even surgeons trying to put two words together to make contractions.


We have been looking closely at characters and character development through the text, Sheila Rae the Brave by Kevin Henkes. We were able to move through our centers completing many activities relating to the complexities of the text. One center the students loved this week was the listening center, where they were able to scan a QR Code and it took the students right to the book for the week. As a culminating writing activity the students made the characters of the story Shiela Rae and Louise and will be completing a writing activity based on how the character changed throughout the text. While creating their project we were listening to music and Whip it Nae Nae came on. Enjoy some pictures of the students getting down while working and listening to music.


Enjoy the holiday, Hanukkah, this week for those who are celebrating. I love this time of year spending so much family time!!!