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Guest Starring The Famous Doge

Crocodile VS Alligator

Crocodile Vs Alligator

Crocodile V-Shaped Snout.

Alligator U-Shaped Snout.

Crocodile More Aggressive.

Alligator Less Aggressive.

Crocodile 5.8 Meters.

Alligator 4.3 Meters.

Crocodile Grey.

Alligator Blackish.

Crocodile Genus.

Alligator Species.

The differences between these two are very subtle, some are invisible but they are there some of these differences easily distinguish each other while some make them look like the other when they are different for example both animals use the infamous “Death Roll” which involves then biting on prey then spinning their entire body in order to instantly kill prey this way of killing has become the signature of these two animals

they do this both on land and in water making them doubly dangerous

some of the more obvious differences is the size difference which is the crocodile being more than a meter and a half larger than the alligator they also weigh heavier than alligators however alligators have a larger life span

8 Easy Steps On How To Teach Them Younungs

  1. Get Up and go to school

  2. Start teaching Lesson

  3. start surfing web while Students work

  4. students start talking then say “ill wait” even though you wont

  5. students shut up

  6. you guilt trip students

  7. Grade Them Papers

  8. You go home


Much Work Such paid

Much Perseverance Such Amazing

Cause I Has Too

Since i must, we shall now discuss grit A.K.A NEVA SURRENDA but in a more professional way grit means to persevere through adversity and come out on top no matter the odds and to always walk towards your goals, you see i dont have grit cuz i'm too lazy to work hard so i just do the most minimal amount of work inhumanly possible for example in my school while working on this project my computer crashed, 3 Times i must say the schools computers are top notch (can you sense the sarcasm) so top notch i had to move to another computer just to start and at that point i already lost 30 minutes of work time i mean i could've been able to play Mike Shadow but no the school computers have to be worse than the first mac powered by a potato. in conclusion work hard never surrender work hard and keep tipping those fedoras gentelmen
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How To Wrestle A Squirrel

if you favor your limbs than you should be cautious of taking on this dangerous sport as it involves combat with one of the worlds strongest creature. The Squirrel the most deadly fierce and ferocious creatures thousands are in hospitals because of these rising creatures of death do you dare risk life and limb to grapple these monstrosity of the forest

Doge VS Cat

Doge Vs Cat

Doge Such Cute Much Adorable

Cat Wanderers

Doge Such Playful Much Fun

Cat Cute

Doge Such Lap Much Doge

Cat Adorable

Doge Such Loyal Much Protect

Cat No Attention Needed

Doge Such Active Much Attention

Cat Somewhat Loyal

Doge Such Kinds Much Wow

Cat Does Not protect

Doge Such Vacuums Much Use

Cat Easily litter trained

with all the facts laid out it’s time to declare a winner honestly, Doges are Loyal protective cute and mostly healthy while the cat is a wanderer and doesn't need as much attention as doge but arent as loyal so i believe that this round goes to le Doge. though i am a doge person i do like cats so im sorry if this may be a bit bais