Mi Vida en Venezuela

De Pablo González

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Caracas, Venezuela

Family Income

Compared to the U.S., combining the salaries of my father, an insurance agent, and my mother, a hairdresser, with similar annual costs, the family income would amount to 60% more in Venezuelan Bolivars.

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City and Neighborhood

In Venezuela, we would live the neighborhood of Baruta in the city of Caracas.

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Caracas Skyline at Night


In Caracas, we would live in a small, affordable two-bedroom apartment. The monthly rent would cost about $700 USD, which in Venezuelan economics amounts to about a little over 1/6 of the annual income.



In Venezuela, we would own 2 cars, sedans such as a RAV4 and a Honda Accord. I do not have a license so either my parents drive for me or I'd ride transit systems such as Caracas Metro.


For education, I would attend Universidad Central de Venezuela.


At the university, I would study architecture and urban planning, philosophy, political science, art, and social communication.

extracurricular Activities

For extracurricular activities, I would participate as manager of UCV's Club de Beisbol. I would continue to make music as usual as well.

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On the weekends, my friends and I would go to the restaurants in the Las Mercedes district and Millenium Mall in Caracas. We would also play basketball and other sports.


I would attend Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church located in Baruta

Typical Meals

For daily meals, breakfast would consist of reina pepeada and arepas. For lunch I would have pabellón criollo with mandoca for dessert. For dinner I would have empendadas.


Although Venezuela has suffered a food crisis in the past year, my family would attempt to shop at the Bicentenario grocery store.


For clothes I would shop at stores in the Millenium Mall in stores such as Levis for jeans, Moose for shirts, etc. I would wear jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies to school.


One national celebrity I like is Jose Altuve, baseball player for the Astros.


One musician I would listen to is Cheo Hurtado.

Carnaval - Cheo Hurtado


Places I would go on vacation in Venezuela are Margarita Island with its beaches, Coche Island, and Maracaibo.