Come have some fun with your fellow CEO members!...or else.

High School Stereotype Party!

It's time to get out that old outfit or uniform and wear it to the party. Lets reminisce and mock the classic stereotypes from high school along with a late dinner POTLUCK! (yummm) Bring your favorite dish or snack to share with everyone! We'll have some board games there but feel free to bring your own!

Don't have an old uniform? Here's a couple of ideas for a fun home-made costume:
Nerds, Cheerleaders, Jocks, Goths, Teacher Pets, Gangsters, Wanna Be's, Bullys, Class Clown, Juvenile Delinquent, Slackers, Valley Girls, Hippies, Drop outs, Goodie Two-shoes, Skaters, Punks, Drama Club, Cool Kids, Loner, Band Kids, Preps, Emos, and the just plain odd that don't fit in anywhere!

CEO Social at Brady's House

Friday, March 8th 2013 at 7:30pm

1410 Parkwild Ave.

P.S. you have to go through the alley to get to the door!

Brenda Ramos

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!