elephant seal


Names of elephant seals

Elephant seals are also known as Pinnipeds and Mirounga. The scientific name for elephant seals is Mirounga, and then they are just known as pinnipeds as well.

elephant seal breeding

When breeding season arrives, male elephant seals define and defend territories. They collect a harem of 40 to 50 females, which are much smaller than their enormous mates. Males battle each other for mating dominance. Some encounters end with roaring and aggressive posturing, but many others turn into violent and bloody battles.

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elephant seals adaption

Elephant seals can navigate very accurately to feed. They can dive to over 1500 m and can stay submerged for up to two hours. Most dives are about 30 minutes duration and of depths between 300 and 800 m. The seals can dive constantly while at sea, spending about two minutes on the surface between dives.

northern and southern elephant seals

southern elephant seal-The southern elephant seal is one of the two existing species of elephant seals. It is both the largest elephant seal and member of the order Carnivore living today, as well as the largest Antarctic seal.

northern elephant seal-Northern elephant seals, have characteristically long noses giving them their common name. Adult males weighing 2-7 times more than adult females.