Drum Set Invention

By: Shayla Shier

Inventors of the Drum Kit

To this day we do not know who the very first inventor of the Drum Kit is, but we do know that it was first found in the 1920's. We also know that William F. Ludwig and Theobald Ludwig were the first to make history of the Drum Kit by adding the first spring driven pedal.

Invented At

William and his brother Theobald invented the drum kit at the Ludwig and Ludwig Company factory. During the World War l they made thousands of field drums for the U.S Army.

Approximate date

William and Theobald Ludwig made history in the late 1880's. This is the only date that we knew when the Drum Kit started to change.

How William and Theobald got Ideas

William and Theobald would get random idea's. The idea's would come to them at random times when they were trying to improve the drum kit. William and Theobald were the first ones to change the drum kit. They changed it by adding the first spring driven pedal.

Was the Invention good or bad?

The invention was good because it gives music more of a beat to move to. Instead of just guitar and basses the drums give it that beat that you can dance to or just goof around.