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Define your own Fashion and Flaunt your Stretch Marks!

Every girl in this world likes to look beautiful and attractive. So do me. I just love to try on to different styles of dresses. I am a big fashion freak and what all things that I wear to be in proper order and also the color combination should be correct. I am very particular about what to wear and where to wear them. But after the birth of my elder son, I was not comfortable in wearing my choice of dresses as I was scared that my marks would embarrass me. Even they have lightened with the use of the stretch marks removal cream but they are totally not disappeared.

Sometimes I felt pathetic as I was not able to wear some of my favorite dress. Even Thomas my dear husband told me that it was okay to show off little bit scars. He said “at least these marks on your skin do not make any difference to me. I like you with these marks”. Aww... He is so sweet but I was not confident to wear my off shoulder and short dresses. I wished I could wear them.

One day while reading early morning newspaper I came across news that says the celebs start flaunting their scars. OMG!!! What??? Jessica Alba. Mother of two children flaunts her pregnancy stretch marks at a beach. Moreover Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga were also in the news recently for flaunting their scars. I strongly feel that if the stars can flaunt their why can’t I. If stars can go flaunting their stretch marks as a fashion thing why can’t I. I also decided to flaunt my scars and on the same night I wore my black LBD and went out for a dinner with Thomas. I was happy and so was Thomas.