Autism Spectrum Disorder

Brianna Page

1 in 110 people have Autism in America

Autism is a neurodevomental disorder impairing children and adults ability to communicate and interact. Some children can develop normally in the first few months and suddenly loose language skills. Autism impacts how a child sees the world. Its more common in males and is not specific to any ethnic group.
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Know One Really Knows The Causes of Autism

What Are The Signs?

You will usually see unique pattern in behavior.Most will not speak or have delayed speaking. A common sign is repetitive movement or fails to respond to his or her name. Most will resist hugs, and want to be alone.

Any Treatment?

Parents will usually put there children on medication, vitamins or herbs and will bring a development record like a video showing behaviors and movements.

Are There Cures?

There is really no cure but a lot of cognitive behavior therapy has benefits.

Why You Should Know About This?

You should know about Autism Spectrum Disorder because if you don´t know the information about the disorder so you will understand people with it. And so you can see the signs in people