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3-Day Regional Weather Forecast

Snowfall Greets Citizens of Maycomb County For The First Time In Nearly 50 Years

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All of Maycomb County's residents has awoken to the surprising sight of falling winter snow, which hasn't been seen since the year of 1885. Though some may blame the children for bad behaviour, it is absolutely certain that this snowfall is quite a shock to many of us. The quick transition from a cool, autumn breeze to the crisp cold weather that winter has brought upon us has baffled the entire town. Due to the heavy snowfall, schools will be cancelled for many students across town, and worsen ideal driving conditions. Be sure to stay safe, bundle up and stay warm tonight! Snowfall is predicted to slow down by noon and temperatures are expected to drop later tonight.

Tim Johnson's last moments

Tim Johnson, Maycomb's pet dog, was last seen laying next to the Radley Place on Saturday afternoon. It was obvious that the dog struggled to walk and move and that there was something seriously wrong with him. One was noticed weeping over the body of the dog asking and hoping that Tim would be alright and everything will be better. Plenty of Maycomb's residents stated that they have enjoyed Tim Johnson's company and cheerfulness while he was still alive and healthy. Tim was truly loved and the death of Tim Johnson will bring grief upon many. Onlookers described Tim at his final living moments as an unhappy, sick dog with hunched shoulders and a twitching torso, who walked abnormally and lopsidedly. The owner of Tim Johnson, Mr.Harry Johnson, has yet to receive the news of the death of our dear town pet.

Maycomb Resident Stays Optimistic After House Burns Down

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Fire was set ablaze in Miss Maudie's home early Thursday morning. Fire engines were quick to arrive from the Maycomb, Abbotsville, and Clark's Ferry fire departments. Details regarding the cause of the fire is still unknown and unclear but is known to be caused by a lit interior fireplace. Though her furniture may have been saved, her house was not able to withstand the heat and flames and eventually collapsed to the ground. To many, the loss would be too much to handle but when asked, Miss Maudie responded saying that although the fire was quite unfortunate, she was glad to start anew with a bigger garden for her azaleas.

Daily Comic

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Garden Café

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