How Do We Disconnect From Phones

The Problems And Strategies for Improvement

I wanted to address a problem that irked me and after an unofficial poll of my friends, an issue that resonates with them also in public. In certain social situations we all have the friend who cannot seem to be pulled away from their phones to be bothered with organic natural interaction. Why annoy yourself with humans around you when with a swipe of your index finger you can have access to people a million times more interesting? This largely seems to be the flawed manner of thinking which is largely problematic.

I myself can be found guilty of occasionally shutting myself off from the world the peruse the latest updates on Instagram, stalk a friend's latest tweets, or view the more recent happenings on any given list of social media platforms. However, these instruments which were largely purposed to bridge the world and bring them together has actually managed to achieve a more disparate function. It separates us and causes us to be needy upon in. While we are not cars, we seek out these many numbered media platforms as a way of being validated or fulfilled instead of talking to one another.

I do not do it as often but I feel that a separation of sorts is needed. What is ahead are just recommendations for either A.) Repurposing phone use to achieve a higher end or B.) Distancing ourselves in order to regain our sense of community with friends and family that does not involve responses of 140 characters or less or some unnatural camera filter. So this is not just proposed suggestions for others but also a teachable moment for myself to learn and grow as well.