Greenup Tech Bits

October 2017

First Down, 3 to Go

Our first nine weeks in the Greenup County School District have been stellar, especially as far as technology is concerned! The high school has new computers in several labs that are faster and more efficient than their predecessors. The staff at Wurtland Elementary are working as a team to become Google Certified Educators. Administrators have embraced living calendars and/or Google Classroom to help manage communication, information, day-to-day operations, and events. Teachers are going beyond to their classroom duties to become Google Certified Educators. They are also attending PD's and initiating professional learning in PLN's. Our Library Media Specialists and counselors are staying on top of new trends and information to serve as resources for both students and teachers. All of these efforts combine to ensure student learning. When it comes down to it, "Kids Deserve It!"

What is Flipgrid?

Flipgrid is a video discussion platform that's currently trending in classrooms around the world. Think Pinterest boards - but each pin is a video response instead of an external webpage link. Teachers create a "grid" with a discussion topic. Students respond via video clip. For Flipgrid One (free) accounts , videos are a max of 90 seconds. For Flipgrid Classroom ($65/yr) accounts, videos are a max of 5 minutes.

Zach Howard is using Flipgrid with his 5th grade students at McKell Elementary.

Jill Armstrong is using it with her high school students in social studies. Both would be excellent resources if you have any questions about how to use Flipgrid! You can also contact me for help.

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Comprehensive Flipgrid Tutorial

This video is about 17 minutes long and shows you how to create a grid and topic. Click here to watch it!
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Take a Shot at Winning a $50 Gift Card

Try Flipgrid from the student perspective by adding a video to my topic board. Click this link to record your video and be entered for a $50 Visa Gift Card!

Winner will be drawn November 1, 2017. I hope my tech-savvy teachers will lead the way on this contest!

I found actually creating a video response to be difficult because I didn't like seeing a recording of myself (I hacked the video though). Today's generation is supposedly used to creating quick videos though! If you do use Flipgrid in your classroom, you may want an alternative for those who are not comfortable with recording themselves.

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Level 1 Google Certified Educators

Congratulations to the following teachers for earning their level 1 certification!

Bobbi Brumfield - WMS

Khrysten Childers - GCHS

James Collier - GCHS

Zach Howard - MES

Robert Ward - MMS

Jenifer Webster - MMS

Level 2 Google Certified Educators

We also have two teachers who achieved level 2 status!

Zach Howard - MES

Jenifer Webster - MMS

Operation TechSpert, Session 1

Thursday, Oct. 19th, 3:30-4:30pm


Greenup, KY

If you signed up for Operation TechSpert, our first meeting is this Thursday in Hopper's Computer Lab across from the band room (GCHS). No need to bring a computer, we have a lab full of them!

Please respond to the calendar invite email I sent last week by clicking, "Accept" "Decline" or "Tentative".

Monster Mash Jr.

K-1 teachers, you can sign up for the Breakout EDU box above (just click on Monster Mash Jr.) and I'll bring this fun Halloween game to your class for your kiddos to play!

Click on the title above to take the Safe Schools Pledge! This week is KY Safe Schools Week in conjunction with October's Anti-Bullying month. The theme is "Get Involved, Get It Solved" "Stop the Bullying". For more information on how you can address safety and anti-bullying click here.
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Click the image below to see a GIF of Aaron Collier kissing a pig!