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There is no two ways about it. The workload is high, expectations are high and desire to do the right thing for our learners is high too. This means we also need to keep the morale high.

“10 reasons to be cheerful” section of Engage, encourages you to nominate what makes you feel cheerful at the College. What keeps you going when the going gets tough? We will publish these weekly to cheer us all up.

1. Its a beautiful Sunny day

2. Caroline has Lion King tickets!

3. Jane's horses have now got stables instead of being in a muddy wet field

4. Payday for some

5. Student in Canteen cheerful as he was waiting for his Big Breakfast Baguette!

6. Rachel is feeling very valued

7.It's Friday !

8.The Carpentry students in Brian's group have been working very well this week

9. Noel's baby daughter has learnt how to run! and pick up things along the way :)

10. Rachel has a new dress pattern she is looking forward to making!

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Licence to Thrill Results

During the first term of 2015-16 academic year we started an initiative under the title “Licence to Thrill” this was to provide you with an opportunity to individually or as a team make suggestions to keep the buzz in our busy lives at the College. We have received your suggestions under the following categories

1. Keeping the morale high

2. Keeping staff/student healthy

3. Make the work place fun

4. Improve the sense of worth and value for all

5. Showing appreciation of doing a job well done

Next week we will announce the date where we put a decision on which one of the projects are to be taken forward to some of our key stakeholders.

Here is the process:

  • The decision making process will be in an open forum format. Where we invite our students to join us to help make a decision
  • Proposers will be presenting their proposal in a Dragon’s Den Style to a panel of CLT and governors
  • The panel will have a vote to award to each proposal based on their merit. (this is 1-10 similar to what Strictly judges would do.
  • Audience have a green or red card to hold up (similar to the apprentice programme) they can add or deduct 10 points if the majority is supportive or dismissive of the idea.
  • Projects that receive 80-100 votes will be funded as following:
  • 80-90 will get up to £300 funding
  • 90-100 will get up to £500 funding.


Please send your nominations to future@gcfe.net no later than 31 January 2016 for the next round of prize draws.

Marketing Request Form

A big thanks to Trish for all the work she has been doing for the College with various areas, please see links Trish to the Chamber of Commerce website to which Trish has added our Open Day adverts http://www.guernseychamber.com/member-events/

If you have a need for any marketing materials including brochures, web pages, adverts, posters, social media campaign imagery or any other marketing jobs you need to complete the following form.

There is 4 weeks notice for all jobs except for social media requests which require one week notice. Before placing a request be sure to discuss your request and agree it with your Faculty Director , Head of LSS or Director of Operations.

Click here to complete the Marketing Request Form: http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52743824060351

Who's Who!

We are looking to put a Who’s Who section on My CFE in the near future which I am sure you will find helpful. In order to help us have this publication produced you are all asked to complete this short form with information about yourself that we can then edit and use to produce the College’s Who’ Who document. http://form.jotformeu.com/form/52463061053345

Another week has flown by...

This week has passed so quickly I cannot believe it is Friday already. I am delighted to inform you that we have received funding from the SACC (States Assembly and Constitution Committee) to run a skills development programme to encourage more women to take part in the election 2016. I will be finalising the details of the programme this week and I hope that you have registered your interest to vote in order to be able to take part in the election this year.

During the month of December the College conducted various audits and reviews. This included the College Validation by Education Scotland, the College’s Health and Safety Audit by David Coleman via Matthew Butterfield of AOC and our ED Tech review by Aspire2Be. All of these reviews help and support us as we plan our way to improve our performance. We have received the draft report on the College Validation as we all the Health and Safety report and imminently will be getting the report on the Ed Tech review. Over the coming week we will be finalising the details, checking these for accuracy and then will be able to share these with you for information and action as appropriate. It is exciting times for our College with fruits of our external engagement coming to bloom. You recall last year we encouraged the business community and various industries to engage with us through our Today, Tomorrow, Together consultation programme. I am delighted to say that there has been various provision that is put in place in direct response to these interactions. The College of FE has a key role to play in the economic development of our Island and ensuring that the workforce of the future and skilled and trained for the jobs of the future. We will be holding follow up business forums during this term to ensure our curriculum planning for the coming year is informed by the needs of the industry.

This week I had the pleasure of trying out the new menu at the Future Chefs restaurant. My thanks to colleagues from Education Department who took the time to join us to sample the fine dining experience at the College. I am pleased to say that the food was superb and that I will be visiting again no doubt. If you want to book get in touch by contacting 737500 ext 525

Lastly I would like to thank those of you who have been generously supporting my fundraising efforts for Jonah. There is still time and I would be delighted to receive your donations if you are willing to support me. Please get in touch with Laura and give generously to this cause. I thank you sincerely in advance.

Have a great weekend.


CEO and Principal

The New Restaurant Menu

Future Chefs Restaurant

Cream of leek and potato soup

Egg Florentine served with sauce Mornay

Spicy King prawns with garlic butter sauce

  • * -

Classic coq au vin,

Roasted, herb crusted rack of lamb with redcurrant jus, lemon and basil oil

Grilled suprėme of salmon – pea, parsley and lemon risotto

  • * -

Compôte of fresh fruit with vanilla pannacotta

Chocolate tart – salted caramel ice cream

A selection of local and continental cheese – apple chutney



College news: The week that was!

news from Corporate Services

2016 Budgets

It is the start of a new financial year and we now have in place a budgeting structure which will allow a far greater ease of reporting of our overall financial position at any given time during the year. The structure will also allow us to monitor incomes and expenditures by profit centre (e.g. Business, Hair & Beauty, Engineering, LOC overheads…..) far more accurately. This information will allow us to plan, organise and manage our finances in the best way to meet our student needs.

In order to do this it is important that we set up bottom up budgets to adequately resource the supplies and services needed for each area. We also need to accurately define the expected 2016 incomes for each area. Budget holders will be asking teams to provide the information that we need to enable this. Templates for teams to complete will be provided via the budget holders and then centrally processed to set the allocations across the whole college. Templates will be sent out by 19 January for completion by the 05 February.

The budget holders and ED codes are below.

Note: Many budget codes contain more than one team or curriculum area

e.g Engineering includes Engineering, Motor Vehicle and Welding.

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News from Louise and Staff Development News

As most of you will be aware I have recently been appointed as Executive Assistant to Louise Misselke and as such will be co-ordinating CPD for all College staff, my first thought was to establish which training courses are currently being offered to staff, and as such I have attached some links below.

It is also my intention to meet with programme leaders/line managers to discuss the training requirements of their teams, this will hopefully allow us to develop tailor made packages to meet the requirements of the team and in conjunction with the Quality Improvement Plan and Strategic objectives.

Available training:

The States of Guernsey Learning & Development team offer a variety of courses including first aid, the link below should redirect you to their annual calendar. If you wish to attend any of these courses please complete the attached booking form and forward to myself once authorised by your line manager.


The SAP training course calendar can be accessed using the link below or via the SAP Home page, e mail training@gov.gg to book any of these SAP courses, please consult with your programme leader/ line manager prior to booking.


As you know the priorities for this half term are using Pro solution for student progress and ITL, you can book into one of these sessions by e mailing : staffdev@gcfe.net numbers are required in advance so please ensure you send your request by the previous Friday to ensure we can cover your specific training needs. This training can also be tailor made to suit team requirements. If you wish to have specific training in either of these areas for your team e mail staffdev@gcfe with your requirements.

Kind Regards


Click here to view Staff Development Guidance Notes and Form

News from ICE Faculty

On Wednesday we delivered a presentation to Blanchelande yr11 girls with the aim of recruiting more females in to engineering. The session was delivered in partnership with CIGPE.

John Semenowicz delivered an informative presentation on Engineering in Guernsey and the College, followed by Jenny Giles, chairperson of the Guernsey Branch of Channel Islands Group of Professional Engineers.

It has been so successful that we have been invited to deliver a similar presentation to their year 10 girls in the summer.

Having useful and interactive webpages is ideal for these situations and I would encourage other areas of the college do to the same.


The College is hosting an employers education forum in horticulture. We will be focussing on identifying the demand for education and training in horticulture, shaping what that needs to look like and then collating a proposal

The college is very keen to ensure we have professionally qualified people working within horticulture and for the College to provide high standards of adequate training that supports professional practice.

Horticultural Forum Meeting at 5-30-6-30 pm – Green Room at Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts – Friday 15th Jan

Presentation by Christopher Bailes at 7 pm – Princess Royal Centre for Performing Arts – Friday 15th Jan

News from CASI Faculty

This week Performing Arts students did a physical theatre workshop with professional theatre company ‘Frantic Assembly’ on Thursday and have been working hard preparing for their dance show next Thursday. The dance showcases the students talent and starts at 7.30pm, please come along and support!

Salon services in the Hair and Beauty Department continue this week and they have lots of great offers for you to take advantage of for the beginning of the term

Beauty Treatments

Manicure/pedicure - Monday 2:30-4:00pm *£1 offer*

Manicure/pedicure/eyelash and eyebrow tint/shape/lashes/makeup

Monday 5:00-8:15pm *£1 offer*

Wednesday 2:30-4:45pm *£1 offer*

Thursday 10:30-12:45 *£1 offer*

Massage/electrical facials/body electric - Thursday 5:15-8:00pm

Full body massage/back, neck and shoulder massage - Tuesday 1:15-4:00pm

Hair Salon

Shampoo and blow dry/setting/conditioning treatments - Monday 9:15am-12:30pm

Restyles/creative colour/colour correction - Wednesday 10:15am-1:30pm

Colour/cuts/perms - Thursday 9:15am-12:00pm and 1:00-4:00pm

Colour/shampoo and blow dry/treatments - Thursday 5:00-8:30pm

Please note that waxing and facials are not available at the moment.

Offer to all staff - *£1 treatments*

In Hospitality and Catering Choux pastry has been made this week by the Level 3 students. They are also busy preparing for some upcoming events. The department is going to provide the Bean Jar for a Community fundraising event on Sunday 14th February for La Valette Bathing Pools. Julie is going to swim and it is being hosted by BBC Guernsey’s Sue Coryndon! Also they are hosting the Channel Islands Chef of the Year competition this year on March 10th…so lots to look forward to.

Finally Creative + have been working hard and Remi Naftel from our Level 3’s has been asked to design a mural for the new Barber Shop at Les Ozouets Campus.

Finally Mark Cook and Vanessa Mee have changed their job roles slightly and will now be acting up Programme Leaders for Creative and Performing Arts.


I’ve heard from a number lecturers using Padlet this week (https://padlet.com/). If you’ve not used it before it’s a great way to bring technology into your classroom.

Padlet is a virtual wall that allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily. It works like an online sheet of paper where people can put any content (e.g. images, videos, documents, text) anywhere on the page, together with anyone, from any device.

One of the many great things about Padlet is that people posting to it don’t need to spend time setting up an account (although the lecturer will want one). The lecturer just shares a link to the Padlet with learners and they can post to it freely. Links can be customised so they are easy to share verbally, visually or in writing. As your Padlet is web-based you can project it on your Smartboard to see it being updated in real time. If learners want to set up an account with Padlet they can do so using their College/Google login.

Ideas for using Padlet: getting learners’ feedback on a session, collating questions during a session, brainstorming a topic, sharing exiting knowledge on a topic, planning ...


News from CHPSS Faculty

As part of embedding literacy the HSC L1 students are taking part in a reading project in tutorials for the next three weeks. The group are reading quietly for an hour twice a week. They can choose any book they like and some have brought in books from home, other students are reading short stories. Their tutor has already seen an improvement in their independent reading and writing skills, as the group realise that the project is about helping them to increase their literacy skills ready for progression on to a Level 2 course in September.

‘To read for a whole hour felt too long to begin with, but we can see how it helps with our spelling, grammar and vocabulary’

HSC L1 group

Books being read include Wuthering Heights, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and The Nightmare before Christmas. The group are keeping a reading journal of all the books they have read.

Level 2 Health and Social Care

L2 Health and social Care are preparing for their first placement of the year and here is a picture of our very smart BTEC Level 2 students who are starting placement next Wednesday 20th January 2016.See photo below.

L3 Health and Social Care

L3 HSC have been busy completing their UCAS statements, from a group of 24, 9 are applying to university (not sure what the average is but that is 38% of the cohort and a large % for the Health and Early Years students). The Health and Early Years team would like to wish them good luck as they have all worked extremely hard. The students would like to say a particular big thank you to Karen D who has been supporting them through the process.

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GCFA in close encounter...Match Report

GCFA faced up against top of the league St Brendan's College in the British Colleges League only 1 week after losing 7-1 to the same opposition.

The first half being a very close encounter for either side in the first 45 minutes as the GCFA managed to prevent their opposition from creating any kind of chances on goal. St Brendan's were awarded a penalty just before half time after the referee judged that Jacob Fallaize had handled the ball in the penalty area. In fact, the ball clearly did strike Fallaize on the arm, however, there was some debate as to weather Fallaize was in fact fouled before the ball struck his arm and that he had no intention of handling the ball. But the referee awarded the spot kick which was struck firmly into the top right hand corner where Dante Walker managed to dive across and get both hands on the ball to make a fantastic save to keep the score at 0-0.

The second half was much the same, with chances few and far between in the first 15 minutes. However, St Brendan's finally broke the deadlock after 60 minutes following a GCFA free kick. St Brendan's defended the free kick well and then launched a swift counter attack down the left hand side finding their number 9, Bailey, who carried the ball all of 50 yards before slotting the ball into the near post past Walker in the GCFA net.

There was a strong appeal for a penalty as Seb Smeed went on a strong run into the opposition box but the referee waved away the claims. Shortly after St Brendan's doubled their lead after a long punt forward was not dealt with by the GCFA defence. With goalkeeper Walker off his line Bailey struck a wonderful volley from 35 yards to lob the keeper and it looked like game over.

St Brendan's had another couple of chances to really kill the game off, hitting the post with one and forcing an outstanding save from Walker to keep the score at 2-0.

This almost gave GCFA a lifeline as Jamie Blackham pulled one back to make it 2-1. Blackham managed to work a bit of space to unleash a right footed shot into the bottom corner of the net. GCFA were then looking for an equaliser in the last 5 minutes and had another very strong call for a penalty. Tyler McKane made his way into the box and went past his man on the outside, the defender made a desperate lunging challenge but made no contact with the ball and seemed to catch McKane on the ankles. McKane went to ground under the force of the challenge but the referee was not convinced, awarding a goal kick.

Team:Walker, Poynder (Martel 45), Fallaize, Blinston, Le Brun, Masterton-Pipet, Martin, Dodds, Smeed, McKane (c), Blackham



  • Our first year chefs for a wonderful meal in the Restaurant
  • Fiona F for all her hard work organising the Horticulture events and new courses.
  • Lovely email:

Dear Saboohi,

Thank you for inviting me to lunch and please pass on my thanks once again to the ‘team’ for what was a superb experience. I shall be singing the praises of the restaurant wherever I can.

Thank you,


Mark J. Robinson

Head of Business & Education Systems & Technologies

States of Guernsey Education Department We are delighted you enjoyed your meal Mark - please book and come again! :)


  • Yummy Roast chicken dinner from canteen today!
  • Really tasty Roast dinner well done - good value as well!
  • Loving the yoghurt for breakfast!
  • The incredible Tamara in Reprographics



  • Could we have a toaster at Coutanchez staff room?
  • Cash Machine?
  • Why no level 2 Engineering next year? Jeanette Hart, Faculty Director answers:

    "Applicants who are interested in full time engineering are encouraged to apply for the level 3 course. There is no currently no direct entry route into level 2 engineering due to the capacity of the physical and human resources available. However, applicants who do not meet the entry criteria for the level 3 engineering programme, will be considered for a discrete infill group at level 2"

For events happening at the PRCPA please click below...



Trish has updated our Linked in Company page, and this will now hopefully pick up more followers.

Please can all staff who have a linkedin account please follow the College page - it might be that a link has already been created... but please check this. Thank you.

If you have anything exciting going on that can be publicised on Twitter/Facebook or LinkedIn please contact Laura or Trish. Thank you.


Can all new staff make themselves known to Dan Hunter, email Danh@gcfe.net if a) they are members of a UCU teaching union or b) they are interested in joining the UCU teaching union.

This will enable us to keep an up-to-date union member email distribution list to ensure all members are kept in the loop.