Shakespeares life

Elizabethan Culture

Queen Elizabeth saw the importantance of art to life and legacy. She was very attracted to theater and many of England's best play writers were constantly active writing plays during her reign. Many of Shakespeare's masterpiece plays were performed in theaters she had built. After Queen Elizabeth died, the new leader king James I had a love for theater too.

The Globe Theater

The Globe Theater was built by James Burbage in Shoreditch, London in 1576. James Burbage received a 21 year lease that gave him the right to build the first theater. Shakespeare had a stake in the Globe Theater which Queen Elizabeth attented to frequently.

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Shakespeare's Background and Life in London

When Shakespeare was on 28 years old, he moved to London to progress more as an actor and dramatist. He was in London from 1592-1594. It was hard for him to be in the theater frequently because theaters were constantly closing from the plague. During his time in London, he was one of the founders of an acting company called Lord Chamblerlain's men.

3 Most Popular Shakespeare Plays

Other Play Writers During His Time

Thomas Kyd was the other big play writer during Shakespeare's time. He wrote a well known play called Spanish Tragedie.

Shakespeare's Influence on Modern Day Language

Shakespeare created over 29,000 words, which he used in his plays. Most people today only use about 8,000 of his words.

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