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Week of April 11, 2016

How will you CHANGE THE WORLD by sharing & supporting your opinion?

Lesson Plans Due

Monday, April 11th, 8:30am

Bullock School

Bulldog Buddies Meeting

Wednesday, April 13th, 3-4pm

Demo Room

  • HIB & STEAM Reporting
  • Data Review
  • 3rd Trimester Universal Reward

CAST Meetings

Thursday, April 14th, 8:30am-2:30pm

Small Conference Room

Lucy Calkins PLC - Group Presentations

Thursday, April 14th, 3-4pm

Demo Room

Check your email to review each topic!

2nd Grade Treasure Hunt

Thursday, April 14th, 6:30pm

201 Rowan Boulevard

Glassboro, NJ

The Curriculum Corner: Social Emotional Learning

Click here to read an excellent article from Edutopia on the importance of social emotional learning for our students. Like much of what we do, this is a multifaceted topic, and Roger Weissberg does a nice job of breaking down the various components of social emotional learning, stressing the role of all stakeholders in this process. Feel free to share some strategies you utilize to develop student awareness of the "5 key skills" in your classroom via email, social media or in the footer of the Buzz...and click on the video below to learn more!
5 Keys to Social and Emotional Learning Success
The Curriculum Corner Online

Click here to visit The Curriculum Corner Blog at!

News & Notes

  • Our paper supply is incredibly low for this time of year. Please be judicious when printing so we can make it to June.
  • Mrs. Harris will be pulling our Garden Club starting next week. Meetings will be in the STEAM Lab at 1:00 (Tuesday/Thursday). This will take place twice a week through June. Mrs. Harris will contact participating teachers with the details.

You're the Best...Quotes from the Staff!

  • Thank you to Amanda for always being so professional!
  • Shout out to Marcy and Aileen for organizing our trip!
  • Thank you to Joan and Carol – loved the eggs – thanks for the copies!!!
  • Love working with our team – 3rd Grade!!!
  • Thanks Marcy for organizing our trip!!
  • Thanks Mr. Bittner for coming to my aid with some equipment I asked for help to fix.
  • Alex and Simone-Thanks for collaborating and getting it done!
  • Kathy-Thanks for the comparing numbers activities
  • Thank you PARCC Test Administrators and Proctors for a productive training on Wednesday! I know we’ll do a great job with testing because we always do!
  • Thank you Aileen, Carol & Lynn for all bringing a student concern to my attention!
  • I would like to thank everyone for all their support during this really difficult time for me

    Thank you, thank you...

Schoolwide Events

  • 04/04 - Bulldog Buddy Roleplays Start (4/4-4/8)
  • 04/07 - Faculty Meeting
  • 04/08 - Star Student Luncheon
  • 04/13 - Bulldog Buddies Meeting
  • 04/14 - CAST Meetings; Calkins PLC; Gr2 Treasure Hunt
  • 04/19 - ELA Team Meeting
  • 04/21 - CAST Meetings; Calkins PLC
  • 04/25 - PARCC Testing Begins (4/25-5/13)
  • 04/29 - Star Student Luncheon

Happy Birthday!

  • Sandy Debes - 4/8
  • Patti Paulsen - 4/10
  • Sonya Harris - 4/13
  • Carol Yaksta - 4/18
  • Amanda Brice - 4/24
  • Dorothy Nelson - 4/30
  • Mari-Kay Matteo - 4/28
  • Joan Mannino - 4/29

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