The Greatest Super Hero Of All Time

By Jacob Pierce and Reed Walker

Our Argument

Batman is superlative when compared to all the other superheroes because of his ability to defeat more villains than any other superhero, and he does so without any Supernatural powers.

First does Batman qualify as a Superhero?

A superhero is one who uses their special abilities that the average human does not possess, to seek justice for the overall well being of society.

Batman Begins - Official Trailer

Batmans villains

Scare crow (highly intelligent doctor known for his poisonous medicine)

Joker (Mentally insane crimanal)

Two face (Old justice seeker, face of Gotham city, Now looking for revenge on the world) Ra’s al Ghul (Batman's Trainer, leader of an elite group of killers)

Bane (Leader of an under ground ruthless gang who wants to destroy Gotham)

Batman's Alter Ego

CEO of multi Billion dollar company.

Icon in Gotham.

Batman vs Iron Man

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The reason he fights all these villains is for justice and for the safety of those who cannot protect themselves. He also not only hides his true identity but he also makes Bruce Wayne (his true identity) look like the worst possible suspect to be the Batman. Batman fights the right way for the right reasons. After watching the Batman man trilogy, Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, and The Dark Knight Rises, any spectator can come to a conclusion that Batman does what he does the best and he does it for the right reasons.


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