Under the Mesquite

Guadalupe Garcia McCall

Book Summary

Luptia and her family come to America to live the American dream. Luptia's father was always working and her mom stayed at home. Luptia was the role model for eight siblings! Luptia soon realizes after noticing for a while how her mom has been acting strange lately that her mother has caner. This means Luptia has to take care of her siblings all by herself since her mom is getting treatment and her dad needs to travel for work so their family has enough money. Will Luptia be able to handle the responsibility? Will Luptia's mother live? Read Under the Mesquite the find out!

My Personal Review

I liked Under the Mesquite because it was a poem novel and it was cool to read that way. If you like poetry books or serious books, you will like Under the Mesquite!