Department Meeting

December 2015


Do you believe you can? Do you believe your kids can? Do you believe we can?


- 3 reporting categories

- impact for students

Spring Tutoring

  • Teachers are focusing on bubble kids
  • will have auxiliary staff help with kids that are we are just looking for growth
  • start planning day...child care, speak with other content teachers...

Genre Anchor Charts

In the walk-throughs yesterday, the principals noticed that in some classes the teachers really use the anchor charts to help the students access curriculum. Don't forget that we are doing the same thing in ELAR. From the TEA website, "Focus must be on genre and text structure and how these contribute to the overall understanding of text. It is only when a reader understands a genre deeply that he/she can read across texts to find similarities and differences in themes, ideas, points of view, contradictions, etc."

Semester Exams

  • We don't have them yet. Will be written by district.
  • District will provide the scale
  • Teachers have ultimate control over the grade entered.