The Book Of One Thousand Poems

By Scott Cable

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Color Poem

Black is a fuzzy cat.

Black is a fishing pole.

Black smells like Delisle fuel on the road.

Black tastes like burnt bread in the oven.

Black sounds like screeching tires spinning out in a race.

Black looks like a black Delisle truck.

Black feels like deep sticky mud on a rainy day.

Black makes me feel happy.

Black is a P.S.2 controller.

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I am cat,

chasing down mice,

I purr and hiss,

scaring the enemy away.

I make a great pet,

greeting my owner every day.

I am a cat.

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Ode to the Lord.

Lord, oh Lord, I respect you,

you have created the earth and humans.

Lord, dear Lord, you have took our sins away,

you died on the cross so that we could live.

When I go to sleep I pray because I know you will answer my prayers.

Lord now you know how much I look up to you.

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Makes me think of

Fishing makes me think of bass.

Bass makes me think of seafood.

Seafood makes me think of Hook and Anchor

Hook and Anchor makes me think of restaurants.

Restaurants makes me think of fish.

Fish makes me think of lures.

Lures male me think of fishing.


There was a bat named Jan,

who loved her pan.

Pan weighed a pound,

it makes a loud sound,

but Jan was still a huge fan.

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A really fat fish.

Swimming around in circles.

And then it is gone

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