All about this guy

BY: Caleb Maynard

all about me...

One thing i like to do is draw and watch PLANET DOLAN. And i love to teach little kids baseball out on the field (one is my little cousin Owen and bren).
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3 images that move me.

this first image is a show of planet dolan, it makes me joyful and happy.

The second one makes me sad and want to help save the earth that god made.

the third one is me mad, like when someone makes me mad (that means you Cameron, when you make a joke off of me) so... yeah.

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4-5 pictures that move me

the first one is... about how I reflect on my Christianity and how it affects others
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I Am... All Of Me - 2009 Mix - Shadow the Hedgehog Music Extended
This one means like when somebody pushes me down and i try to get back up but they keep pushing me down that's what this picture means
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This Comic Makes Me Laugh When I'm sad. like when my grandpa died... but try reading it... it may make you laugh

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this one shows my faith iin the lord.

i might do somethings that are not right but i know he's by my side, the lord has put me here for a purpose and that is to teach us all a life valuable lesson whether it's being nice, or being faithful and giving hope to those in the darkest hour.
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my favorite movie is: super Mario brothers, and sonic the hedgehog.

my family

obviously i care for my family and want to do everything i can do for them 'cause they love me and i love them.
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jim gaffigan

jim gaffigan is my favorite comedian because everthing he say's is so true but yet so fake.
Soccer | Jim Gaffigan | Chrysler Pacifica
Kids | Jim Gaffigan | Chrysler Pacifica