Johnny Weir

Figure skating-Winter Olympics 2014

Who is Johnny Weir?

Johnny Weir is a Winter Olympics figure skater. He is now 29 years old and his date of birth is July 2, 1984. Johnny Weir also had a gay marriage and married a guy named Victor Voronov. The sad part is that Johnny Weir is now retiring from figure skating.

What is the target heart rate range and maximum heat rate?

What is his target heart range? His target heart range is athletic performance so it is 80% - 90%. His maximum hart rate is 191. The lowest number that his heart rate should be while in working range is 153. And his highest number of his heart rate working range is 172.

Johnny's mother, husband and training town

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Fun Facts about Johnny Weir!

Looks up to Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera ... Hobbies are fashion, music, travel and language ... Jon Heder's character in Blades of Glory was based on Johnny. One sad thing is that Johnny Weir will be retiring from figure skating.

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