Witch and Wizard

Connecting Modern Literature to Greek Myths

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in the novel witch and wizard by James Patterson, the Allgood family was woken up in the middle of the night by swat soldiers, rounded up in their own living room, and then seperated as Whit and Wisty Allgood are ripped from their parents grasp and accused of being a witch and wizard. As the two were pulled from their parents and tempers boiled, Wisty spontaneously burst into flames, scaring everyone including herself. that moment changed their lives forever. Whit and Wisty were captured and then placed in a facility for "special children" and locked in isolation. Everything changed after that night. Stunned, Whit and Wisty ponder what had happened that night. They then started to experiment with their powers and achieve things that normal people could never do. Spontaneous combustion and summoning plagues of flies did not surprise them as it would have just a couple days before. They were then after rescued from the prison by Whit's girlfriend, Celia, who had mysteriously disappeared months ago, only she had returned to them as a Half-light, similar to a ghost. Celia sneaks Whit and Wisty out of the jail and leads them to an abandoned department store called Garfunkel's, which was housing persecuted children. Soon after, Whit, Wisty, and the rest of the outlawed kids devise a plan to stop the New Order and save all of the inmates in the prison.

Connection 1

In the book Witch and Wizard by James Patterson, the two main characters are seen as heroes quite similarly to ancient stories where good prevailed and evil was vanquished. After discovering their magical abilities Whit and Wisty are aided by Whit's girlfriend who is a Half-light, meaning she can change between real and shadow dimensions.

Connection 2

The antagonist in the book, The One Who Is The One, is constantly getting in the siblings way to stop them from escaping the prison and using there powers to go against him. The two are the only ones strong enough to challenge his authority as head of the new political party the New Order. In Greek Mythology, there is always an antagonist who places obstacles in the protagonist's path, attempting to prevent them from reaching their objective.

Connection 3

The separation from their parents and traumatizing night fueled Whit and Wisty's motivation and determination to find their parents and free all of the other kids in the prison. That night will change their lives and influence them on the decisions that they make in the times to come.


I think the book Witch and Wizard by James Patterson is an interesting novel and i would give it 4 stars. the wording and emotion in the story really makes the reader feel like they are in the book watching the scene play out. During parts where there is a lot of action and suspense, the reader is on the tip of there seat, heart pounding in their chest, while other more sad parts make the reader feel sorry for the characters. Greek Mythology and other ancient literature effects its audience in a similar way. In both my story and greek myths, a hero emerged, conquered evil, and saved the day. This pattern is often seen in most of today's literature running the same, fluent cycle each time.