Rocky Balboa

A Character Profile

~Manreet S~

3 Character Traits Shown By Rocky

Solicitous (Caring)

In the movie, there were a few scenes were Rocky showed that he was Solicitous.

The first scene he showed he was solicitous was when he came home and he was feeding his turtles.Rocky really cares about his turtles, because he told Adrian (the girl that works there) "The last food I got here had more moths than flies -- An' the moths get caught in my turtle's throat -- That makes them cough --". In another scene, Rocky showed he was caring because Rocky shows he cares about his turtles more than himself because Rocky had more food for his turtles than he has for himself. I know he has more food for the turtles than himself because Rocky buys proper food for his turtles but he drinks old beer bottles that he finds in his fridge.

Another Example is that when Rocky was walking home he found a twelve year old girl he seems to know named Marie with a gang smoking and leaning against a wall. He tells her its too late for her to stay out and he walks her home. on the way he gave her advice on how those guys teach her bad things and that if she starts to act like them no one will respect her or take her serious. He quoted " Nobody's ever gonna take ya serious. Ya get no respect... I gotta use a bad word -- Whore. You'll end up maybe becomin' a whore." this sentance kinda tell us that he cares about this 12 year old girl!


Rocky is thoughtful because when Mr.Gazzo told him to go collect the $200 from a man named Bob who took a loan from Mr.Gazzo, Mr.Gazzo told Rocky to get the whole amount of money from him and if he was short, Rocky has to break his thumb. Bob was seventy dollars short. He only has a hundred and thirty. Bob stated "That's it, I'm broke." Then Rocky asked him "What about for food an' stuff?" and Bob replied "You have my food in ya hand." They had a brief conversation when Bob said "Waits! -- Be smart. Ya don't have to break nothin' -- Here, take my coat, it's worth fifty-sixty dollars. It's yours." As he was taking off his coat Rocky quickly grabbed his thumb and Bob almost whispered "No - no - no - Please - Please - Please don't..." Rocky released Bob's thumb and said "...That's what coulda happened." And he walked away. Rocky thought about the guy. He walked away knowing that he took this man's money to buy himself food. And knowing that, he didn't break his thumb.


Rocky is dedicated to his job because tho Rocky isn't a big-time boxer, he still needs to be in shape. In order to stay in shape, Rocky's alarm clock goes off at four A.M. Not in the habit of waking up this early, Rocky struggles to his feet and wobbles to the bathroom. He drowns his face in cold water, to wake himself up. He then took out a box of a dozen eggs from an icebox. He cracks five raw eggs in a glass and drinks it in one gulp. He did that so he can have some energy while he works out. Rocky changes into something warm and he steps outside. It's pitch dark outside and he begins running down an empty street. Rocky reaches a flight of stairs. He takes a deep breath and climbs the long staircase. Halfway up, his legs became very weak and he gets cramps, but he ignored it and ran up and then ran down the stairs again. Rocky passes the City Hall and he stops and takes deep breaths while holding his aching sides, but Rocky still forces himself to run.