The Bad of Homeschooling

By Silas Yang


Homeschooling has been a form of teaching that has been around for a very long time. It started out being very common for people because only certain people could pay to go to public schools. Later, homeschooling became illegal and people revolted. They started the Homeschooling movement and petitioned. A couple of years later homeschooling became legal in all states. What's so good about homeschooling though? There is nothing that's good about it. Parents who homeschool believe they are doing the right thing, but are blind to some of the results. They believe they are keeping their child protected. Parents thing public schools' academic and social structure is not healthy for their child (Balter). It is selfish to homeschool your child, you are ripping away many opportunities from them. There are no athletic activities for homeschooled children (from article "Homeschooling Pros and cons"). You will be taking away things like dances and graduations. There will be no other kids for your children to talk to and interact with. In addition it puts a big burden on a family. Deciding to homeschool your child will result in lack of socialization skills and require lots of commitment.

Pros And Cons Of Homeschooling


Socialization is one of the most important skills that you need in life. You need to know how to socialize to get through life. By homeschooling your child, they will become very lonely and will not prepare them for the "harshness" of the world. Children who are homeschooled are isolated from other kids. They don't get the opportunity to meet new people, unlike in public schools your child will be in a class with other kids. Your child will have many more opportunities to make new friends, than you would in a homeschool. In a homeschool, your child will be in a room by themselves for the whole day and only talk to the parent teaching them. Children who are homeschooled will have a harder tome making friends. They will be in their own personal bubble, isolated from the world. Resulting in no friends. Socialization is meant to prepare children for the real world, which means learning to interact and deal with people of all ages, races and backgrounds (Flynn). One major reason choose to homeschool is because they want to protect their child. Children who are homeschooled do not get to experience how the world really is, until they decide to move out. It will be very hard for them to adapt. Public schools help improve your child mentally. It will teach your child how to adapt and work with people who are different from them. As your child grows up they will be expected to work with others, it is very important (Immall). Socialization is a key factor in life, every one needs the skills to make friends and be prepared for the world.
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Family Commitment

Homeschooling a child takes lots of commitment. It needs the whole family to be on board with this decision. You needs lots of support from both parents (from the article "Cons of Homeschooling"). Parents must sacrifice lots of time and money to homeschool. Choosing to homeschool is will be very time consuming. Almost all of your time for your self will be gone. There will be no breaks from your child. If you homeschool, you will use up a lot of your own time making assignments for your child (from the article "Homeschooling Pros and Cons"). Whereas, with public schools take care of your child for you. They make the assignments, teach your child, and keep them for a couple of hours. This allows you to have more time for yourself. As a parent, you will not have to spend almost every day with your child. Face it, you will get sick of waking up every weekday to teach your child. In addition, money will be another big issue. It costs a lot of money to buy supplies for homeschool. Even for a family with two parents. Homeschooling is almost like a full time job. While one parent is teaching, the other parent is working a full time job and earning money. It is very expensive to pay for homeschooling, it could ruin finances later in life. You will have to pay for things like a curriculum, textbooks, and supplies. On the other hand, with public schools pay to get in and additional things. For example, like access to databases and online textbooks. Some things like that are not available to people, that will just make your life a little harder. Overall, choosing to put your child in a public school will give you lots of time and save money.


In conclusion, going to a public school is a better way of educating your child than homeschooling. It teaches your child how to socialize and takes stress off of your family. Homeschooling needs to be ended now, it does not help you or your child in life. If we let homeschooling stay, we will live in a world with no success.

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