Room 12

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Technology Take Over!

Our class has been eager to infuse more technology ever since January! Students are bringing in their personal devices, and our fantastic fundraising efforts have afforded us the luxury of an iPad cart. Room 12 has had the cart multiple times in the last week, focusing on how to treat our new educational tools, procedures, and expectations. As a class we learned about a fantastic app called "quizlet," which allows you to search any published text book and automatically creates a range of interactive study tools for kids. We have already integrated our Wordly Wise and Latin Root Words into this application. I have showed the class how to use to help support our use of graphic organizers in our curriculum. This site so awesome! Check out an example we used to introduce The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle time period Students can create any type of chart, infusing photos, video, text, and thought process, while being able to share their work either on our new class networking site (Edmodo) or printing the work at home in color. Our next adventure is to learn how to use Movie Maker and iPhoto for Language Arts.

Room 12 is always on the move!

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Think Like a Marine Biologist!

We were blessed to have Daniel's mom, Ms. Ruvelas come teach our class all about Marine Biology and how it relates to our own 5th grade Human Body Unit. Ms. Ruvelas works for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( and educated our group on the similarities and differences between some of the species she and her organization study to humans. We learned how mammals store and use oxygen in such different ways, giving them talents to travel to different depths of the ocean for incredible amounts of time. Students learned why it's not possible for us to do the same. Ms. Ruvelas also had the kids running, holding their breath for time, worm crawling, all to understand what it would be like to be a mammal with those amazing abilities to store and use oxygen. What would you change about being a human? Submit a response and be published in our next article.

Math game question...

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