A Taste of Diversity

Sean, Zach, Ryan Rickaby, and Sam


PORK DUMPLINGS- Enjoy the finest pork dumplings you can find in the San Francisco area made specially by Chef Pelzer. Excite your taste buds as you bite into the dough to meet cabbage, ground pork, chopped onions, and many other delicious ingredients.

This selection was made as a result of Dave's mom's passion of cooking exotic foods. There was a excerpt from the reading that explained the family's trip to Chinatown in San Francisco. Later, when they returned from the trip, his mother prepared a dinner emulating a Chinese one with Chinese lanterns and by dressing in a kimono. These were the years that Dave treasured, before his mom began abusing him.

Main Dish

12 oz. SIRLOIN STEAK- Cut from a grass fed steer from one of our local farms. Served with sauteed vegetables and grilled to your preference.

Nick Offerman grew up in a small town called Minooka in the tri-county area of Illinois. He was raised on a farm where hard work was a way of life, and the local farmers provided the town with their food supply. Nick Offerman strongly stresses his opinion that cattle should not be fed any artificial food, but rather fed grass and organic foods. In the book he states that the sirloin is the best cut of the steer, and grilling meat is the best cooking method.

Side Dish

GREEN SALAD- Spinach and lettuce with tomatoes, onions, corn and potatoes.

For my book I chose a salad for the side dish. I chose a salad because my book is about the environment and discussed a lot about crops and chemicals used for getting rid of pests and helping the vegetables grow, which are found in salads. I chose this type of salad because the crops used in this salad are of the utmost importance to the U.S. and some of the most common crops ( corn and potatoes). Also it represents one of the most common foods in the U.S.


DEWBERRY COBBLER- Dewberry Cobbler is a cobbler that is made with dewberries. Dewberries are a mix between raspberry and blackberries, but they are much bigger. They make many things with them and can sell them for a really good price

I picked Dewberry Cobbler because they mention it a lot in the book and they really like them. They had many stories about them picking the berries so that their mom would make them the cobbler. They would fill many buckets up with the berries and would sell them also. They had a story were they had two snakes swim up to his brothers leg. They had many close calls when they were picking the berries.