January 2021


The 2020-21 school year is just over halfway through. It is hard to believe that January 2021 is already over! Despite the ongoing effects of COVID-19, we have been fortunate enough to keep our doors open for students for all but 12 days of the year. For that brief time last semester we went 100% virtual, but we were able to provide live instruction from our teachers each day. Our decision to go virtual was not based on the number of student positive cases or the number of students in quarantine. We simply had too many staff members in quarantine, and therefore could not provide adequate classroom coverage. By moving to a virtual setting, all teachers were able to interact daily with their students. This was the best option at the time.

Springs Valley continues to have low numbers of positive cases. The number of students in quarantine due to close contact is relatively low. A large percentage of these student quarantines is due to close contact outside of the school setting. Additionally, we have seen little to no transmission of the virus within the school setting. Nearly all of our positive cases are originating somewhere other than school.

My goal is to keep school open. Our students need to be in a classroom with a teacher. While our online instruction has improved dramatically since last March, when we first went virtual, there is no substitute for face-to-face interaction with an engaged, caring teacher. There is no substitute for the full educational experience provided by our teachers, administrators, instructional assistants, office staff, nursing staff, cafeteria staff, custodians, maintenance staff, and bus drivers. We have a staff that is dedicated to our students and committed to providing an outstanding learning environment. We have a school board that is devoted to supporting all SV students, parents, and staff. Most importantly, we have outstanding students. Their safety and success are our most important goals, and are what we strive to balance as we navigate through the pandemic. On behalf of the entire staff of Springs Valley Community Schools, thank you for the grace, patience, and understanding you have demonstrated throughout the past ten months.

General Information

* We are getting a new informational sign for the junior/senior high school. The old one was hit by lightning.

* Our second enrollment count day of the school year is on February 1. Our enrollment on the first count day, September 18, was 842. This number drives the Basic Grant funding we receive from the State of Indiana.

* We will offer Driver Education this summer. This will be the driving portion only. More information will be coming soon from the high school office.

* Reminder that our monthly board meetings are streamed live on our Springs Valley Media YouTube page:

* While the pandemic is ongoing we will post weekly COVID-19 statistics to the school website. Click on the COVID-19 Info tab on the main page.



Reminder that when the need arises, I will announce school closings or delays through the following sources:

Skylert Phone Messenger System

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Board Meeting

Monday, Feb. 8th, 6pm

326 South Larry Bird Boulevard

French Lick, IN

Meetings are held in the auditorium.