having a good time in peidmont region

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fall comeing its way

In the fall you can go see the museums.

Come plow the road its winter

in the winter you can go to this great mall to go shopping for gifts.

its spring the birds are cherping come out and play

In the spring you can go plant some perennial herbs.

summer is here and the pool is open

In the summer you can take trips to Italy.


In the winter it is 57 degrees
In the summer it is 89 degrees
IN the fall it is 65 degrees
In the the spring it is 76 degrees


A area of high flat land

visiting the peidmont

See castles
Walk around villages
See lakes
Walk around the art center

Special facts

Carraiwinds has a new big roller coaster
NASCAR is located in north carilina
The pottery place makes real pottery

Plane ready for take off

Carraiwinds has a cool roller coaster to ride and everybody should ride it because it is a vary good ride to ride.
NASCAR is going to do another cool race and you should go to that race.
Go make pottrey at the pottrey place you should because they will let you take that cool peace of pottrey home and show it off .