British India

Spencer Rowe and Austin Sharkey


British India was the 17 provinces of India formerly governed by the British under the British sovereign. The provinces ceased to exist in 1947 when the independent states of India and Pakistan were created.



Cause: They first were established in 1642 and lasted until 1947. During 1642 and 1757 the East India Company factory towns which helped the business because they were able to send traded goods in and out of the country.


Characteristics-In 1608, the East India Company established the first trade route headquarters in Surat. This factory wasn't permanent, but when they realized it was successful, the built a permanent one three years later.

-After the Rebellion and Revolution in 1947, the British had 17 provinces that were split up into certain parts of India. In 1950, the Indian Constitution was adopted and the territories were redrawn


Significance-The British maintained one of the longest and latest province areas outside their own country. This helped them in terms of goods and gold and currency later on. This also showed the power of the East India Company and the British themselves who are still powerful today.