All About Mr. Smith!

Not Everything You Need to Know, but a Random Sampling!

What's My Name?
Adam Smith

How Can You Contact Me?

What Do I Teach?
Advanced English I, Advanced English II, English II, AP Literature & Composition

Where Did I Go To College?
Johnson County Community College, UMKC (where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education-English), KU (where I earned a Masters of science in Curriculum and Instruction)

What Did I Do Before I Became a Teacher?
I worked in radio for four years at 105.1 FM and 710 AM (where I did production and commercial work)

What Do I Do For Fun?
Concerts, Games, Biking, Working Out, Jogging, Jayhawks Games, Listening to Music

Other Than Teaching, What Would I Do For a Living?
Running a record store, running a book store, traveling