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Background Information

Capital: Port-au-Prince

Major cities: Carrefour & Delmas


•Haiti was controlled by France.

•It gained independence in 1804 and is not controlled by a country anymore.

Official Language

Haitian Creole/French

Geographical Information

•Haiti is located in North America near the Dominican Republic & Cuba.

•Some physical features located in Haiti include Central Plateau, Noires Mountains, Artibonitte.

Map of Haiti

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Political and Diplomacy Information

Type of government: Semi-Presidential Republic

Leader: Michel Martelly

•Haiti is on good terms with other countries because it exports and imports to/from other countries.

Economic and Trade Information

Currency: Gourde
Economic System: Capitalsm (free market)


Haiti imports:


•Manufactured goods


•Transport Equipment


•Raw Materials

They import goods from:


•Dominican Republic

•Netherlands Antilles



Haiti exports:






They expoort goods to:


•Dominican Republic


Tourist Information:

People should visit because there are many beautiful places such as Labadee, Citadelle Laferrière, Sans-Souci Palace, etc.

Tourists should relax in Labadee, go swimming in the Crystal Waters, and look at Hiatian Art.