Happy Holidays!

From the Dingle Diamonds

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Just a Few First Semester Accomplishments:

  • Diamonds teach other BVE students their math facts with our songs.
  • We are improving our writing through our class blog.
  • We've finished our first class book entitled December Thoughts.
  • We wrote a thank-you letters to our favorite teachers, and sent letters to the troops for Thanksgiving.
  • We are currently the #2 First in Math Team among DeKalb fifth graders.
  • We completed our first research projects.
  • We ROCKED our science and social studies benchmarks. Woo-hoo!
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More In Store for Next Semester:

  • Living Museum research projects
  • The 1000th Day of School (not a typo!)
  • Debates to teach argumentative writing and public speaking
  • Othello and 24 Game Tournaments
  • Career Portfolio projects