Hawker-Shipley Newsletter

May 6, 2016


Scootpad practice helps us retain and practice the skills we have learned in fourth grade. Students are given an ELA and MATH scootpad for each day of the week Mon.-Thurs. These are all due on Friday.

For example:

Monday ELA and Monday Math should be completed on Monday.

Tuesday ELA and Tuesday Math should be completed on Tuesday.

**Students have two 25-30 minute time slots to finish this work in school. Please encourage them to do them at school when they have time to complete them.


Please check the homework link each day. Some students are not completing work. Please remember that 3 missed assignments = minor. Let's finish the year strong!

MAPS Testing Prep

We are working on MAP Math and ELA strands. Here is a great website to practice all kinds of skills. Click here for MAP PRACTICE QUIZZES

What's Up In the Classroom

  • We are studying poetry, prose and dramas and the characteristics of each. Students can now categorize them and give specific attributes to each. See the posters below!
  • We are still working on responding to our novel units each night. Read your selected novel and respond in Schoology or on paper a quick summary.
  • We have also started Greek and Latin Roots study. Ask us what we have learned!


We have begun our unit on geometry. Students will:

  • learn to use a protractor to measure angles
  • recognize angles as geometric shapes
  • solve addition and subtraction problems to find unknown angles
  • draw and identify two-dimensional figures
  • classify two-dimensional figures according to parallel or perpendicular sides or angles of a specified size
  • recognize and draw lines of symmetry for a two-dimensional figure.


Students are writing their 4th grade memories! One moment will be published into a class book. We have learned a lot of writing moves this year!

Social Studies

Students have been finishing up MISSION US quest. Ask them to show it to you!

Upcoming Dates and Reminders


We will finish up the Forward exam on May 9th for Math.


Invitations have been sent for our Volunteer Luncheon scheduled for Wednesday, May 11 from 11:00am to 1:30pm. We hope we formally invited all of our wonderful volunteers who have helped throughout the year, but in case we missed you, please feel free to call the school office at 662-7958 and let us know that you can join us for lunch anytime between 11:00am—1:30pm on Wednesday, May 11!

Kwik Trip Gift Cards due May 20th
Order forms have been sent home. If you would like to place an order, forms with payment are due to school no later than Friday, May 20. If you need an order form, forms are available online at the PTO web site linked here!

Library materials will be due Friday, May 27.

We would like to have all library materials returned by students at that time.
Please help your students check all of the places where missing books may be hiding, such as in a desk at school, on a shelf at home, and anywhere else books are kept.
Thank you for your help,
Mrs. Stapel and Mrs. Schneider